Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Buffalo Bills Mini Camp Day 1

The Buffalo Bills began their mini camp today. There were a few things that many seemed to be reporting on.

1. The Bills spent the ENTIRE day working on the "no huddle" offense. This may actually help Trent Edwards. He is a smart guy with a good arm who had some trouble with 3-4 defenses last year. Not allowing the opposing D's to get totally set may help the Bills move the football. The no huddle points to the Bills using the passing game alot!

2. Trent Edwards not looking all that hot. Early reports show that Trent is hot and cold. He is either looking really good or really really struggling. No need to worry fans. This is probably just some rust

3. Marshawn Lynch did not participate? No word on why

4. Paul Hamilton on WGR reported that the offensive line appears to be struggling a bit. What does this mean? Absolutely nothing! We will see what happens when the pads actually come on and the hitting starts. Right now the best thing for this young O line repetetion!

5. TO is one hell of a hard worker. TO appears not to be out of place at all. Remember, TO's bad rap usually comes off the field not on the field.

6. Dick Jauron is still the coach of the Buffalo Bills. Sucks doesn't it? Oh well!

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