Thursday, June 18, 2009

Bye Bye JP LOSSman

In a way I feel sorry for JP Lossman...

If you put aside what a pathetic football JP Lossman was and how he is probably the worst draft pick in the history of the Buffalo Bills there is a man who is probably one of the most embarassment "pro athletes" of the decade.

A former first round pick is now the starting quarterback for a United Football League team in Vegas. The UFL has only four teams and it appears the salaries of the league may be somewhere around $40,000.

JP Lossman is a pretty nice guy and a hard worker. He, unlike many athletes in this town, tried to give back to the community. But at the end of the day JP was a terrible football player. There is no way around it.

What is most shocking about the whole JP Lossman journey is not that he ended up in some upstart minor pro league in Vegas. It is the fact that he couldn't even get a third string job in the NFL. I bet anyone reading this could not name three third string QB's in the entire league.

What does that say about the Buffalo Bills if a quarterback whom even up to last year was in contention for the starting spot has been determined by every team in the league to possess no qualities of an NFL quarterback? What does it say that we traded to get this quarterback in the draft? What does it say that we continue to sell out a stadium for a team that is run by people who would draft someone like JP Lossman?

We are going to give the Bills management another free pass! We will continue to go to the games, get there at 8am, go into the game, and expect mediocrity. THE BUFFALO BILLS FRONT OFFICE DRAFTED A QUARTERBACK IN THE FIRST ROUND FOUR YEARS AGO WHO IS NOW IN THE UFL. Go back and read that last sentence again! JP Lossman isn't some old war horse like Steve DeBerg looking to continue his career one more year. JP Lossman was suppose to be our franchise quarterback. He is now playing in a league with four teams! This all in a few short years!

In a league where a marginal (at best) and convicted felon Mike Vick may return to join an NFL team the bar is pretty low. There is a higher probability that Mike Vick will find an NFL roster before JP Lossman

I actually hope JP makes a comeback of some sorts. I hope he can work his way back to the NFL. But I doubt it. The former first round draft pick will be selling insurance in the near future. What is an injustice is that Mike Vick will get a second chance. But JP won't. Everyone deserves a second chance. Well, you deserve a second chance if you don't run a dog fighting ring in your backyard....

And yes, I know his name is spelled Losman. But LOSSman is much more fitting. . .

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