Thursday, May 28, 2009

Tough Day For These Guys

Wow. Some people just have some pretty bad luck

Last night that was the case for Mr. Gregory J Summar.

Here is a brief run down of Mr. Summar's day. While at the DMB Concert at Darien Lake Mr. Summar was charged with assault.

"Gregory J. Summar, 27, of Eden, charged with harassment for allegedly striking a security officer" The Batavian

Fast forward sevearl hours later Mr. Gregory J. Summar was arrested for DWI.

"A 27-year-old Eden man has been charged with driving while intoxicated, after Erie County sheriff's deputies said he backed his car into a stopped tow truck overnight.
Deputies Kristin Rozycki and Tom Meredith responded to a property-damage-only accident that occurred at 11:59 p.m. Wednesday on Bullis Road in the Town of Elma.
After investigating the incident, the deputies charged Gregory J. Summar with DWI. He refused to submit to a Breathalyzer test, according to police reports." The Buffalo News

That is a really, really bad day!

In other stupid, alcohol fueled arrest news...A few criminals were popped at the same aforementioned concert for "stealing cotton candy". Mr. Christopher Greco was charged for theft after this brain surgeon ALLEGEDLY tried to heist some cotton candy. Nice life Christopher. If that is true and you stole cotton candy, you are a true miscreant! Sweet life bro!

And finally we have Mr. Nicholas Gardone of Fairport. Mr. Gardone was arrested for allegedly trying to steal concert tickets from the box office. Which makes this crime even more reprehensible is the fact that the SHOW WAS NOT SOLD OUT and TICKETS WERE BEING SOLD FOR $20 in the parking lot!

Both Greco and Gardone prove that if you consume a vast quantity of Natty Ice or Keystone you will be driven to steal cotton candy and concert tickets from a concert which isn't sold out.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Welcome To Buffalo Mr. Owens

Dear Mr. Owens,

Welcome to Buffalo. I was glad to see that you were pretty well received at the airport last night. We all know that Buffalo was not your first choice and may have been your only choice. That is fine with us here. We realize here in Buffalo, more than most places, that people need second chances and clean starts. We all know you will only be here for about six months. All we ask are a few simple things and this little expieriment should go okay.

1. You may not like Buffalo. You wont be able to find enough cool clubs, other folks in your demograhics, and fancy places to eat. The one thing you will like about our city is that people are brutally honest and very passionate about two things. 1. Our city and 2. Football. If you don't like the clubs or the cold there is no reason to tell the entire world. Keep it to yourself, please!

2. People around here have a vested interest in our sporting teams. When you go shopping or pump gas in your car be prepared to get a thousand differnt opinions on what kind of routes you should be running and how the Bills can get better. This is not a knock on you TO. It is rather our attempt to try and make you and the Bills better. Dont take it to heart.

3. All we want is 100%. That is one thing you have always provided. We have accepted losing here. We came to almost relish our spot as America's most losing sports city. If you give 100% your time here will be fine.

4. Expierience WNY. If you live in Clarence and drive to Orchard Park and back every day you may find Buffalo to live up to the stereotype. Check out the Chophouse, Left Bank, Laughlins, the waterfront, Thursday in the Square, the Anchor Bar, Elmwood, etc etc. You don't have to like any of these places. But if you check them out you may find out a little bit about how we operate here TO.

Overall, all we want is not to look like a joke. The Bills aren't going to win the Super Bowl anytime soon. Heck, we may not even make the playoffs this year. But all we want is to turn on ESPN or listen to the Radio and not be a national joke. We have enough to deal with here.

Welcome to Buffalo Mr. Owens. This place is what is. You being here won't bring back jobs or fix our roads. But maybe, just maybe, your pressence will make Buffalo relavent again in the national spotlight.

Buffalo is like a sports team. You will get out what you put in. If you sit on the sidelines and sulk it will be terrible. However, if you bust your butt, study the playbook and give it all you have you will reap what you sow.

Best Wishes,

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Sunday Funday...A Look At Some Class Acts

Enjoy the classy people of Buffalo...If you know any of these people, I feel sorry for you.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Thursday In The Square = Hippie Paradise

For music lovers this years Buffalo Thursday in the Square line up is pretty epic. Buffalo Place, who puts on the shows, have stuck to the script of bringing in as many jam bands as humanly possible to fill the Buffalo area hotels and bars with nomadic hippies coming in from out of town to check out the bands.

The best shows on this years line up are Umphrey McGee, Robert Randolph & the Family Band, along with the Black Crowes

Avoid the Disco Biscuits show like the plague. Unless of course being surrounded by kids in sideways hats, hemp necklaces, and epic hoodies are your cup of tea.

The "Harbour Shows" will also be pretty awesome. The new inner canal is beautiful and will showcase some of the great changes coming to the City of Buffalo

This should be a great summer for music in Buffalo.
In other news, George Clinton is somehow still alive!?!

Full Concert Line Up

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Fast Freddie Gets Paid

Freddie Jackson took the Buffalo Bills to business school and got paid!

The Bills, whom are going to be with out the services of Marshawn Inch for the first three games, needed a starting running back. Preferably someone who wasnt 59 years old like Domenic Rhodes.

The running back they did have was holding out waiting for a better contract. A contract value which increased by about 100% when Mr. Inch couldn't follow the rules like everyone else and got put in time out.

One mans trash is anothers treasure. Marshawn's suspension equaled a big pay day for Jackson.

Congratulations to Fast Freddie. This guy did it the right way. Came up from a Div. 3 school, played in the Arena League, and was an undrafted free agent in the NFL. As I pointed out awhile ago Jackson represents everything that is right with pro sports and Lynch represents everything that is wrong with pro sports.

I don't blame Jackson for "demanding" more money. Hell, its the American way. It is capitalism at its finest. Jackson had a service to render and the Bills are/were in need of that service. If you are going to be pissed at someone blame Lynch. That idiot would rather play Tony Montana.

Congrats Freddie. You deserve it!

Quick Hits

Good job showing up Washington Captials. 15min left in the second period and your getting rocked 5-0. What a major let down on what promised to be one of the better playoff games in recent memory.

Memo to the Buffalo road crews. FIX THE MOON CRATER ON CHIPPEWEA! My gosh. The street is one of the only active streets 24/7 in the city and it is similar to driving down a street in Beruit. Hopefully someone in the Buffalo Public Works is reading this. God knows they aren't fixing pot holes, repairing guard rails, cleaning up trash etc etc. The Public Works department should take their cue from the police and fire fighters in Buffalo. Hell, everyone employeed by the city should take a note from those two departments. The cops and fire fighters are the hardest working people in the city!

Monday, May 11, 2009

A Look Inside An Old Friend

This is one of the coolest things I have seen in awhile. This guy and his team literally broke into the Aud and explored the building just a few months prior the start of demolition.

It is amazing to me how much of it remains untouched. It was almost like looking at pictures of the Titantic. Everything is just left the way it was after the last game.

It is a little spooky but quite remarkable what he found. This guy basically spent a whole night in the Aud poking around.

This is some really incredible stuff

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Sunday Funday

Remember this maniac! haha

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Grateful Dead 5/9/77 Memorial Aud, Buffalo, NY

Believe it or not Buffalo was home to arguably one of the greatest rock and roll concerts of all time.

The Grateful Dead's show on May 9th i 1977 is beleived by Deadheads and music historians to be among one of the greatest live concerts ever performed

As a huge Deadhead I would concur!

Listen to the Dead rock out the Aud

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Just Manny Being A Cheater

So Man Ram is on the juice? Suprisig but not entirely unpredictable. Quite frankly, I didn't think Manny cared enough about baseball to cheat. There is a law of diminishing returns to the whole steroid era in baseball. The more and more I hear about players who are using roids the less and less I care.

I have come to the realization that more than likely everyone is using them. In stead of being shocked at the guys who ARE using them I am shocked that there are some guys who ARE NOT using them

What the hell are these guys thinking? If I were some of these journeymen MLB'ers I would be taking enough roids to revive Barbaro. If they don't get caught they can stay in the league longer and make more money. If they get cut their mediocre career is probably finished. To me it's worth the gamble.

I am dreading the day this garbage enters the NHL. Major League Baseball is a complete joke. No records, accomplishments, milestones, and championships can be looked at with out a big fat *!

Major League Baseball to me is more on par these days with professional wrestling. It is entertainmet. That is it. I don't know what is real, who is or isnt cheating, and I sure as heck don't know how things like roids effect the outcome of the games.

Back in 2007, who would have thought steroids would have reached this level?

Great clip about just how dishonest the ENTIRE game of baseball just may be

Bob Costas is pissed!!

Quick Hits
Larry Quinn claimed today on the radio that the Hamilton/Southern Ontraio area makes up 25% of the teams market. Maybe if the Sabres could make the playoffs consistently and not alientate their fanbase with awful offseason moves they wouldn't have to go North of the border
UB Football lost a few schloarships for not having good enough grades as a team. Really? If their grades are bad they must all be a bunch of miscreants. They do realize they play for UB?! Those kids should be studyig because no matter how much a a "feel good story" that team is they have 9-5's in their new future!
The Bisons one a game today! That makes 3 all season. Good job Herd! Keep it up! You guys are on pace for 15 wins all season

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Think the Bills Will Win Superbowl 44....Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

There is not a lot of faith in the 2009-2010 Buffalo Bills team in Vegas.

They are currently +$6000 to win it all. That basically means for every $1 you would bet on the Bills winning the Superbowl you would win $6000 should they actually do it. There are only four teams with worse odds. The Lions, Chiefs, Raiders, and Rams. All four of those teams are +$10,000.

You might as well put a five spot down and hope for the best!

Superbowl Odds

Monday, May 4, 2009

Almost Gone...

Thanks to Healy for the pics.

The Aud is almost totally torn down. Having been to the waterfront on Sunday I can tell you that the whole area is already opening up quite nicely! It is amazing how much more open that space is even with half the Aud gone!

That area is going to be amazing in 2 or 3 years. If you have money in the bar business on Chippewea I would get out while you can. The waterfront is going to be the go to place!
The Buffalo waterfront almost perfectly opens itself up to development. If you travel a bit south of where the Aud is there are these perfect "jetties" that are naturally set up along the waterfront which bars and restaurants could be placed on. The locations would mean that each establishment would have three sides of water per location! It would also means you would be able to dock your boat along each establishment that you would chose to go to!
Having not been down to that area since last 4th of July I was totally amazed at the development of the area! It appears that Buffalo is taking it's time and doing this right! Route 5 is well on its way in regards to transformation as well. What years ago was a dingy, pot hole ridden parkway around Tift, has been transformed in a tree lined causeway which will serve as a gateway to the newest jewel of Buffalo.
If I had money to invest I would put it ALL in the redevelopment of the waterfront. I had to see it to believe it and I am now a very, very strong believer in this project and just how amazing it is actually going to be.

Saturday, May 2, 2009