Monday, July 6, 2009

CNN: "Winners Line Up For Jackons' Memorial"


Really? Winners? The guy died! This isnt some lottery to a concert or a shot at a million dollar prize

Think what you will about MJ, the guy is dead.

I am sure his kids, family, and friends don't think anyone WON...

My god, just when you think American culture can't sink any further.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Three Dudes Arrested For Boozing at a New Kids on the Block Concert

What is worse?

Being arrested for underage drinking?

Being arrested and having your name published in the news?

Being arrested at a NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK CONCERT and having it published in the news?


Being arrested at NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK CONCERT, having it published in the news, and being a dude?

My guess is all four options equally suck. However, in this weeks installment of stupid criminals seeing concerts at Darien Lake we have some real modern day criminals. Conor Kobis, Shawn Riccio, and Michael J. Walsh were arrested for underage drinking at the NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK concert at Darien Lake.

Now before you say, "oh they were probably there with their girlfriends." let me tell you this as avid concert goer. If your 18 and ALLEGEDLY drinking at a concert everyone your with is drinking. In turn, everyone will be arrested. Amazing absent from this police blotter report is any mention of any women.

Guys what were you doing there? Seriously. If people want to get after it before a Dave Matthews Band concert or Coldplay show so be it. Have at it. Be safe and don't drive. However, there is no good excuse of any man to attend a NKOTB concert.

Now everyone will know you guys went to the concert! Remember, just because someone is charged with something does not mean they did it! Everyone is innocent until proven guilty. But one thing here is pretty certain. You three guys were attending a New Kids concert.
Yea thats right, these guys

Conor M. Kobis, 18, of 81 Pound Road, Elma; Shawn M. Riccio, 18, 24 Cardinal Lane, West Seneca; and, Michael J. Walsh, 18, 315 Eden St., Buffalo were charged with unlawful possession of alcohol by persons under 21 yesterday. The trio were reportedly observed drinking in the parking lot at Darien Lake, where New Kids on the Block were playing. All three were issued appearance tickets.

Bye Bye JP LOSSman

In a way I feel sorry for JP Lossman...

If you put aside what a pathetic football JP Lossman was and how he is probably the worst draft pick in the history of the Buffalo Bills there is a man who is probably one of the most embarassment "pro athletes" of the decade.

A former first round pick is now the starting quarterback for a United Football League team in Vegas. The UFL has only four teams and it appears the salaries of the league may be somewhere around $40,000.

JP Lossman is a pretty nice guy and a hard worker. He, unlike many athletes in this town, tried to give back to the community. But at the end of the day JP was a terrible football player. There is no way around it.

What is most shocking about the whole JP Lossman journey is not that he ended up in some upstart minor pro league in Vegas. It is the fact that he couldn't even get a third string job in the NFL. I bet anyone reading this could not name three third string QB's in the entire league.

What does that say about the Buffalo Bills if a quarterback whom even up to last year was in contention for the starting spot has been determined by every team in the league to possess no qualities of an NFL quarterback? What does it say that we traded to get this quarterback in the draft? What does it say that we continue to sell out a stadium for a team that is run by people who would draft someone like JP Lossman?

We are going to give the Bills management another free pass! We will continue to go to the games, get there at 8am, go into the game, and expect mediocrity. THE BUFFALO BILLS FRONT OFFICE DRAFTED A QUARTERBACK IN THE FIRST ROUND FOUR YEARS AGO WHO IS NOW IN THE UFL. Go back and read that last sentence again! JP Lossman isn't some old war horse like Steve DeBerg looking to continue his career one more year. JP Lossman was suppose to be our franchise quarterback. He is now playing in a league with four teams! This all in a few short years!

In a league where a marginal (at best) and convicted felon Mike Vick may return to join an NFL team the bar is pretty low. There is a higher probability that Mike Vick will find an NFL roster before JP Lossman

I actually hope JP makes a comeback of some sorts. I hope he can work his way back to the NFL. But I doubt it. The former first round draft pick will be selling insurance in the near future. What is an injustice is that Mike Vick will get a second chance. But JP won't. Everyone deserves a second chance. Well, you deserve a second chance if you don't run a dog fighting ring in your backyard....

And yes, I know his name is spelled Losman. But LOSSman is much more fitting. . .

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Hey Shaq...You Look Like An Ass

The great thing about youtube is that is saves great moments like Shaq's little rap forever. That way when someone gets pwn'd you can go back and look at what a total idiot the person was who threw the first stone.

Prime Example. Is Officer O'Neil from Phoenix....

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Buffalo Bills Mini Camp Day 1

The Buffalo Bills began their mini camp today. There were a few things that many seemed to be reporting on.

1. The Bills spent the ENTIRE day working on the "no huddle" offense. This may actually help Trent Edwards. He is a smart guy with a good arm who had some trouble with 3-4 defenses last year. Not allowing the opposing D's to get totally set may help the Bills move the football. The no huddle points to the Bills using the passing game alot!

2. Trent Edwards not looking all that hot. Early reports show that Trent is hot and cold. He is either looking really good or really really struggling. No need to worry fans. This is probably just some rust

3. Marshawn Lynch did not participate? No word on why

4. Paul Hamilton on WGR reported that the offensive line appears to be struggling a bit. What does this mean? Absolutely nothing! We will see what happens when the pads actually come on and the hitting starts. Right now the best thing for this young O line repetetion!

5. TO is one hell of a hard worker. TO appears not to be out of place at all. Remember, TO's bad rap usually comes off the field not on the field.

6. Dick Jauron is still the coach of the Buffalo Bills. Sucks doesn't it? Oh well!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Family Fun at Coldplay

From the Batavian..

Matthew J. Norstrand, 24, of Le Roy, was arrested for allegedly possessing marijuana and smoking a pipe containing marijuana. Norstrand was ejected from the concert and told not to return. Later, Norstrand was reportedly spotted back inside the concert venue. He was arrested again and charged with trespass.

Daniel Norstrand, 53, of Le Roy, was charged with criminal trespass after allegedly jumping a fence and entering the backstage area.

Daniel Norstrand, you are truly deserving of the "father of the year" award. What kind of grown man tries to hop a fence and sneak backstage AT A COLDPLAY CONCERT...Really Daneil Norstrand? That is freaking terrible.

Also, while you were galivanting backstage, your son, whom one could assume came with you too the concert was being arrested for possession. What was Mrs. Norstrand doing.

Top Three Things That Are Wrong Here
1. Father arrested for trying to sneak back stage
2. Son who came with father (See #1) was arrested for possession
3. Father (See #1) and Son (See #2) ATTENDED A COLDPLAY CONCERT TOGETHER

Not a very good day for the Norstrand's

Quick Hits

Jaw Says Trent Edwards is a "keeper"

Ron Jaworski, a Lackawana native, said yesterday that he has confidence in Trent Edwards and his abilities to be a "winning quarterback in the NFL". Oh okay, thanks Ron. Jaws was playing in a charity golf tournament in Buffalo when he made these earth shattering statements. What was he going to say in Buffalo? "Gee Bills fans, you guys are screwed." Come on! People once said Alexander Mogilny would be the next Wayne Gretzky. The proof is in the pudding. In true Buffalo fashion it makes the front page of the newspaper. Are we that starved for someone to reinforce the talent of our starting quarterback. Trent will be a good QB when we make the playoffs. Until then he is no better or worse then Todd Collins, JP Lossman, Rob Johnson, etc etc. But thanks Ron anway!

Marek Sagrapan is heading to play in Russia.

First question is who is Marek Sagrapan? Second question is who cares? Third question is who the hell picked this guy 13th overall? Hard to believe the Red Wings passed on this diamond in the rough. In all fairness, the Red Wings didn't have a draft pick that year until 10 picks later. However, something tells me they would have passed. It is no official Buffalo sports fans. The Sabres 2005 draft was a bust. But who is really keeping track? Have fun in Russia Marek! Hopefully the bread lines aren't too long for you!

Total New York State Bull!

There was a great story in the Buffalo News about a young man from Amherst named Jordie Maliken. Jordie is a student at Amherst who has a learning disability. Based on this designation he was not allowed to participate on the Amherst Track and Field team this season. This fine young man was allowed to compete the past three seasons but the great state of New York barred him from participating this season.

Your kidding right New York State? So this young man stayed in high school an extra year and studying his ass off to become a better person and you penalize him? Unreal! The powers that be in the New York State education system should be ashamed on themselves. Maybe you clowns should spend a bit more time focusing on the problem in our schools such as low test scores, outdated equipment, and how the hell we are going to catch up with China and India and a little less time worried about if some student wants to participate in track and field an extra year.

It seems that the people in charge have lost touch with what is happening in the school systems. I find it hard to believe that any of the hard working teachers in the school district or the coaches had a problem with this!

My hope is that Mr. Maliken goes on to do great things and can learn from this lesson that sometimes life isn't fair and their are truly stupid people who make poor decisions! If you want to worry about something drive by Hutch Tech on weekday morning. Check out all the kids with no backpacks (no backpacks means no homework), smoking cigarettes, and stealing from the local mini marts. I see it everyday! Worry about why no one is graduating from the schools in inner cities. Its not the teachers, it is the idiots who make terrible policy that is not only shortsighted but indecent and reprehensible.

My guess is people with the determination and spirit of someone like Jordie Maliken will go on to touch far more lives then the lifers, chronies, and hacks that make up the state educational polices. It's truly a shame that the hard working men and woman who educate our youth have their policies dictated by these people.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Tough Day For These Guys

Wow. Some people just have some pretty bad luck

Last night that was the case for Mr. Gregory J Summar.

Here is a brief run down of Mr. Summar's day. While at the DMB Concert at Darien Lake Mr. Summar was charged with assault.

"Gregory J. Summar, 27, of Eden, charged with harassment for allegedly striking a security officer" The Batavian

Fast forward sevearl hours later Mr. Gregory J. Summar was arrested for DWI.

"A 27-year-old Eden man has been charged with driving while intoxicated, after Erie County sheriff's deputies said he backed his car into a stopped tow truck overnight.
Deputies Kristin Rozycki and Tom Meredith responded to a property-damage-only accident that occurred at 11:59 p.m. Wednesday on Bullis Road in the Town of Elma.
After investigating the incident, the deputies charged Gregory J. Summar with DWI. He refused to submit to a Breathalyzer test, according to police reports." The Buffalo News

That is a really, really bad day!

In other stupid, alcohol fueled arrest news...A few criminals were popped at the same aforementioned concert for "stealing cotton candy". Mr. Christopher Greco was charged for theft after this brain surgeon ALLEGEDLY tried to heist some cotton candy. Nice life Christopher. If that is true and you stole cotton candy, you are a true miscreant! Sweet life bro!

And finally we have Mr. Nicholas Gardone of Fairport. Mr. Gardone was arrested for allegedly trying to steal concert tickets from the box office. Which makes this crime even more reprehensible is the fact that the SHOW WAS NOT SOLD OUT and TICKETS WERE BEING SOLD FOR $20 in the parking lot!

Both Greco and Gardone prove that if you consume a vast quantity of Natty Ice or Keystone you will be driven to steal cotton candy and concert tickets from a concert which isn't sold out.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Welcome To Buffalo Mr. Owens

Dear Mr. Owens,

Welcome to Buffalo. I was glad to see that you were pretty well received at the airport last night. We all know that Buffalo was not your first choice and may have been your only choice. That is fine with us here. We realize here in Buffalo, more than most places, that people need second chances and clean starts. We all know you will only be here for about six months. All we ask are a few simple things and this little expieriment should go okay.

1. You may not like Buffalo. You wont be able to find enough cool clubs, other folks in your demograhics, and fancy places to eat. The one thing you will like about our city is that people are brutally honest and very passionate about two things. 1. Our city and 2. Football. If you don't like the clubs or the cold there is no reason to tell the entire world. Keep it to yourself, please!

2. People around here have a vested interest in our sporting teams. When you go shopping or pump gas in your car be prepared to get a thousand differnt opinions on what kind of routes you should be running and how the Bills can get better. This is not a knock on you TO. It is rather our attempt to try and make you and the Bills better. Dont take it to heart.

3. All we want is 100%. That is one thing you have always provided. We have accepted losing here. We came to almost relish our spot as America's most losing sports city. If you give 100% your time here will be fine.

4. Expierience WNY. If you live in Clarence and drive to Orchard Park and back every day you may find Buffalo to live up to the stereotype. Check out the Chophouse, Left Bank, Laughlins, the waterfront, Thursday in the Square, the Anchor Bar, Elmwood, etc etc. You don't have to like any of these places. But if you check them out you may find out a little bit about how we operate here TO.

Overall, all we want is not to look like a joke. The Bills aren't going to win the Super Bowl anytime soon. Heck, we may not even make the playoffs this year. But all we want is to turn on ESPN or listen to the Radio and not be a national joke. We have enough to deal with here.

Welcome to Buffalo Mr. Owens. This place is what is. You being here won't bring back jobs or fix our roads. But maybe, just maybe, your pressence will make Buffalo relavent again in the national spotlight.

Buffalo is like a sports team. You will get out what you put in. If you sit on the sidelines and sulk it will be terrible. However, if you bust your butt, study the playbook and give it all you have you will reap what you sow.

Best Wishes,

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Sunday Funday...A Look At Some Class Acts

Enjoy the classy people of Buffalo...If you know any of these people, I feel sorry for you.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Thursday In The Square = Hippie Paradise

For music lovers this years Buffalo Thursday in the Square line up is pretty epic. Buffalo Place, who puts on the shows, have stuck to the script of bringing in as many jam bands as humanly possible to fill the Buffalo area hotels and bars with nomadic hippies coming in from out of town to check out the bands.

The best shows on this years line up are Umphrey McGee, Robert Randolph & the Family Band, along with the Black Crowes

Avoid the Disco Biscuits show like the plague. Unless of course being surrounded by kids in sideways hats, hemp necklaces, and epic hoodies are your cup of tea.

The "Harbour Shows" will also be pretty awesome. The new inner canal is beautiful and will showcase some of the great changes coming to the City of Buffalo

This should be a great summer for music in Buffalo.
In other news, George Clinton is somehow still alive!?!

Full Concert Line Up

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Fast Freddie Gets Paid

Freddie Jackson took the Buffalo Bills to business school and got paid!

The Bills, whom are going to be with out the services of Marshawn Inch for the first three games, needed a starting running back. Preferably someone who wasnt 59 years old like Domenic Rhodes.

The running back they did have was holding out waiting for a better contract. A contract value which increased by about 100% when Mr. Inch couldn't follow the rules like everyone else and got put in time out.

One mans trash is anothers treasure. Marshawn's suspension equaled a big pay day for Jackson.

Congratulations to Fast Freddie. This guy did it the right way. Came up from a Div. 3 school, played in the Arena League, and was an undrafted free agent in the NFL. As I pointed out awhile ago Jackson represents everything that is right with pro sports and Lynch represents everything that is wrong with pro sports.

I don't blame Jackson for "demanding" more money. Hell, its the American way. It is capitalism at its finest. Jackson had a service to render and the Bills are/were in need of that service. If you are going to be pissed at someone blame Lynch. That idiot would rather play Tony Montana.

Congrats Freddie. You deserve it!

Quick Hits

Good job showing up Washington Captials. 15min left in the second period and your getting rocked 5-0. What a major let down on what promised to be one of the better playoff games in recent memory.

Memo to the Buffalo road crews. FIX THE MOON CRATER ON CHIPPEWEA! My gosh. The street is one of the only active streets 24/7 in the city and it is similar to driving down a street in Beruit. Hopefully someone in the Buffalo Public Works is reading this. God knows they aren't fixing pot holes, repairing guard rails, cleaning up trash etc etc. The Public Works department should take their cue from the police and fire fighters in Buffalo. Hell, everyone employeed by the city should take a note from those two departments. The cops and fire fighters are the hardest working people in the city!

Monday, May 11, 2009

A Look Inside An Old Friend

This is one of the coolest things I have seen in awhile. This guy and his team literally broke into the Aud and explored the building just a few months prior the start of demolition.

It is amazing to me how much of it remains untouched. It was almost like looking at pictures of the Titantic. Everything is just left the way it was after the last game.

It is a little spooky but quite remarkable what he found. This guy basically spent a whole night in the Aud poking around.

This is some really incredible stuff

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Sunday Funday

Remember this maniac! haha

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Grateful Dead 5/9/77 Memorial Aud, Buffalo, NY

Believe it or not Buffalo was home to arguably one of the greatest rock and roll concerts of all time.

The Grateful Dead's show on May 9th i 1977 is beleived by Deadheads and music historians to be among one of the greatest live concerts ever performed

As a huge Deadhead I would concur!

Listen to the Dead rock out the Aud

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Just Manny Being A Cheater

So Man Ram is on the juice? Suprisig but not entirely unpredictable. Quite frankly, I didn't think Manny cared enough about baseball to cheat. There is a law of diminishing returns to the whole steroid era in baseball. The more and more I hear about players who are using roids the less and less I care.

I have come to the realization that more than likely everyone is using them. In stead of being shocked at the guys who ARE using them I am shocked that there are some guys who ARE NOT using them

What the hell are these guys thinking? If I were some of these journeymen MLB'ers I would be taking enough roids to revive Barbaro. If they don't get caught they can stay in the league longer and make more money. If they get cut their mediocre career is probably finished. To me it's worth the gamble.

I am dreading the day this garbage enters the NHL. Major League Baseball is a complete joke. No records, accomplishments, milestones, and championships can be looked at with out a big fat *!

Major League Baseball to me is more on par these days with professional wrestling. It is entertainmet. That is it. I don't know what is real, who is or isnt cheating, and I sure as heck don't know how things like roids effect the outcome of the games.

Back in 2007, who would have thought steroids would have reached this level?

Great clip about just how dishonest the ENTIRE game of baseball just may be

Bob Costas is pissed!!

Quick Hits
Larry Quinn claimed today on the radio that the Hamilton/Southern Ontraio area makes up 25% of the teams market. Maybe if the Sabres could make the playoffs consistently and not alientate their fanbase with awful offseason moves they wouldn't have to go North of the border
UB Football lost a few schloarships for not having good enough grades as a team. Really? If their grades are bad they must all be a bunch of miscreants. They do realize they play for UB?! Those kids should be studyig because no matter how much a a "feel good story" that team is they have 9-5's in their new future!
The Bisons one a game today! That makes 3 all season. Good job Herd! Keep it up! You guys are on pace for 15 wins all season

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Think the Bills Will Win Superbowl 44....Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

There is not a lot of faith in the 2009-2010 Buffalo Bills team in Vegas.

They are currently +$6000 to win it all. That basically means for every $1 you would bet on the Bills winning the Superbowl you would win $6000 should they actually do it. There are only four teams with worse odds. The Lions, Chiefs, Raiders, and Rams. All four of those teams are +$10,000.

You might as well put a five spot down and hope for the best!

Superbowl Odds

Monday, May 4, 2009

Almost Gone...

Thanks to Healy for the pics.

The Aud is almost totally torn down. Having been to the waterfront on Sunday I can tell you that the whole area is already opening up quite nicely! It is amazing how much more open that space is even with half the Aud gone!

That area is going to be amazing in 2 or 3 years. If you have money in the bar business on Chippewea I would get out while you can. The waterfront is going to be the go to place!
The Buffalo waterfront almost perfectly opens itself up to development. If you travel a bit south of where the Aud is there are these perfect "jetties" that are naturally set up along the waterfront which bars and restaurants could be placed on. The locations would mean that each establishment would have three sides of water per location! It would also means you would be able to dock your boat along each establishment that you would chose to go to!
Having not been down to that area since last 4th of July I was totally amazed at the development of the area! It appears that Buffalo is taking it's time and doing this right! Route 5 is well on its way in regards to transformation as well. What years ago was a dingy, pot hole ridden parkway around Tift, has been transformed in a tree lined causeway which will serve as a gateway to the newest jewel of Buffalo.
If I had money to invest I would put it ALL in the redevelopment of the waterfront. I had to see it to believe it and I am now a very, very strong believer in this project and just how amazing it is actually going to be.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Thursday, April 30, 2009

A Rod Has Man Boobs...Confirm'd

So A Rod is a bigger scumbag then anyone could have thought? Who really cares. I have long resigned myself to the fact that the majority of MLB'ers are cheating in some form. Whether it is scuffing the ball, corking the bat, roids, greenies, stealing signs, yelling "ha" during a pop up, etc etc, it is all the same crap.

Major League Baseball, is as American as the consitution. Ironically enough the same problems that have plagued this country in recent years have trickled down (or up) to MLB.

On Wall Street everyone was cheating the system and doing just enough not to get caught. However, when the gig is up the bottom falls out pretty quickly. MLB was once one of the cornerstones of our culture. It was America's past time. Now it is just a joke. A mess of a league filled with more likely a high proportion of cheaters than guys who are playing it by the rules.

Just like in "real life" the damage has already been done. No ammount of appologies, firings, suspensions, bailouts, or new strategies can unring the bell and reverse the damage.

If A(cup) Rod is cheating to get better then what the hell kind of things are happening on the Brewers or in AA/AAA baseball. If Joe Blow on the Louisville Bats (AAA) see's a guy like A Rod's lifestlye you better damn well believe he is popping whatever he can find into his veins to try and get better.

Baseball is a game of feet and inches. Fifteen feet in left field seperate a 50 home run a year guy and shlep rock who hits %.150. Inches seperate and bat speed seperate a number two hitter and a guy who is 40 and playing AA ball in Topeka.

If you had the chance to make millions and millions of dollars and knew there was a way you could bolster your liklihood of getting that money, damn straight you are going to cheat!

The scary thing is the fact that A(cup) Rod was considered to be a guy who was "clean". If a guy who is clean is up to all this crap imagine what the guys who are "dirty" are involved in.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Have A Nice Life Paul Harris

Paul Harris, have a nice life. Your NBA career err NBA D League Career will hopefully last a season or a two.

If Jimmy B calls you pick up the phone and return his calls. If your arent returning Jimmy B's calls Im sure your not returning your baby mamas calls either!

I am glad Paul Harris is no longer a member of the Cuse baketball team. Now I can actually root for them and watch a game.

I have long been on to Paul's act. Going to school at Niagara University there were always stories of Paul's off the court antics. I won't go into them because most them are hearsay. However, I would put good money on the fact that most of them are/were true!

Paul Harris' on and off the court antics were a disgrace to the proud tradition of Syracuse Basketball!

Great Article of Mr. Harris and the weeks leading up to him leaving Syracuse

Aaron Maybin

The more I read about Aaron Maybin the more it seems that Aaron is best cut out for the NFL when used one or two downs per series.

His unbelieveable speed off the end should make up for his lack of size. Those who think that Maybin is a one trick pony should take into consideration the following...Maybin will be primarily used on pass rush situations. In a shotgun situation Maybin rushing off the end will have a distinct speed advantage against even the fastest of offensive guards! Even if the newest Bill can pressure the quarterback into making untimely throws the Bills are moving in the right direction.

One of the great thing about a player like Brue Smith was not only his sack total but his "hurries". Last year one of the Bills largest problems were their opposition quarterbacks had almost unlimited time. It was if the Bills were counting to 7 Mississippi!!!

Again, at this point anything productive is a step on the right direction


Quick Hits

Today Channel 4 reported that the Health Department were investigating several migrant workers in the Western New York area for potentially having the swine flu. This was pretty shocking to me. Not so much about the swing flu, but who the heck knew Buffalo had migrant workers? Has anyone ever seen a migrant worker in Western New York?

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Donte Whitner

The same day that Donte Whitner pled not guility to the charges he faced in Cleveland the Bills rolled out a "Get To Know Donte" feature on their website.

Maybe we should all wait to see if Donte is innoncent or guilty. While he presumed innoncent, if he is guilty, why would we want to get to know someone who may or may not have hit a cop?

What's next? A virtual tour of Orenthals place on Englewood? Come on Bills! How about a get to know Jon Corto feature? You should sell the players parents, kids, and fans alike can look up to!

This is why I love Alexander Ovechkin!

Also, if anyone if the Bills PR Department reads this....It is 2009. Please take down the JP Losman Billboard you have had on 190 since 2006! JP Losman isn't even on the team anymore! My god! How embarassing!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Monday Is I Hate Spencer Pratt Day

One punch...He's down...

Bills Draft - First Round

At this point the bar is set so low for the Buffalo Bills and their draft picks as long as the players have a pulse they can be on the same level as some of the bills previous draft picks

Its pretty funny how the people on WGR550's bootleg draft day coverage were besides themselves with the Bills first two picks, while the pundits on ESPN and the NFL Network praised the Bills' picks! More on that later...

Aaron Maybin from Penn State is a pick that somewhat caught me off guard. However, who the hell cares? The Bills track record in the past drafts is pretty horrible. JP Losman, James Hardy, Ko Simpson, etc etc. Sometimes it is better to be lucky than to be good. Maybin represents a bit of a gamble. But let's be honest. The Bills haven't made the playoffs in almost a decade, another city is courting the franchise, and the only thing the owner has said since offering our terrible coach an extension was that he "was alive".

If Maybin is total bust and can not make the adjustment to the NFL we are no better or worse off for it.

If the newest Bills rusher works out Brandon and his crew are guru's. If he is a bust, Maybin is just another player in a long line of first round busts for the Buffalo Bills

Eric Wood from Louisville is a player that I really like! He reminds me of the Kent Hull/Jim Ritcher type. Smart, heady, tough, and well spoken. Wood is said to be among one of the smartest players in the draft. That is a good thing for the Bills. We need smart players. Players who not only can take care of their assignments on the field but players who are smart enough not to...

1. Hold a gun to their fathers head (allegedly) a la James Hardy

2. Get caught with a gun and drugs in a car with bogus license plates a la Marshawn Lynch

3. Get tased by a police officer a la Donte Whitner

As I previously mentioned, give me a 2-14 team of guys I can root for over a super bowl team with a bunch of thugs on it! I mean look at him! He looks like a football player!

Some people have said it will be tough for Wood to make the switch from Center of Guard. However, the kid is a heck of a blocker. Allowing him to worry just about blocking and not snapping the ball should actually help his cause on the line. I am pretty excited to see what this guy can do.

Maybin and Wood by all accounts are good kids who are "football players" not just guys who want to collect pay checks!
The Bills addressed their needs! Don't listen to WGR to form your thoughts! Every caller and most of the hosts were "shocked" at the Bills draft. The only person on that station who seemed to have a decent take on the Bills draft was Jerry Sullivan. What a waste of time that draft show was! Not once were any of the players the Bills picked ever mentioned!
I think I'll defer to ESPN, the USA TODAY, and NFL Network all whom gave the Bills very high marks!
However, only time will tell

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A Reason For Birth Control-Curtis Byers

If there has ever been a reason for birth control it is this piece of garbage Curtis Byers.

Curtis, we will see what a tough guy you are in prison bud. Hopefully you will spend a long time in jail! My only wish is when you get out you spend the rest of your life unemployed eeking out a meager existence!

You, young man, are a piece of crap!

from the Buffalo News

The Williamsville South High School student who recently was charged with assaulting a classmate and had a past record of armed robbery and arson is in jail after being charged with violating his probation.
Curtis Byers, 17, was arraigned in State Supreme Court at 2 p.m. before Justice M. William Boller and is being held without bail in the Erie County Holding Center. Byers did not appear to have any family, friends or counsel present at his arraignment and said he could not afford a lawyer.
Byers was charged earlier this month with the felony assault of a classmate in March that resulted in multiple face fractures and required reconstructive surgery.
Prior to his transfer to the school this year, Byers had a criminal record in Buffalo that included a violent armed robbery in August 2007 and the June 2007 arson that nearly killed Buffalo Firefighter Mark P. Reed.
Police and fire officials said Byers confessed to both crimes.
Reed lost his right leg in the Wende Street arson after a brick chimney in the vacant home collapsed on him and shattered more than 30 bones in his body.
Byers not only confessed to setting fire to a vacant East Side building on Wende Street, but also to an armed robbery that occurred on nearby Kilhoffer Street two months later. Police said he and another teen robbed a gold necklace from a victim at gunpoint. The victim was shot in the arm.

The Draft of 1985

The Buffalo Bills draft of 1985 is among one of the best drafts in the history of professional sports. The '85 draft saw the Bills pick up some of the most legendary players in Bills history. Bruce Smith, Andre Reed, and Frank Reich were among the biggest names in the class.

The chances of Buffalo being that likely ever again are pretty slim. The chances of anyone at One Bills Drive having enough foresight to pick talent like they did in 1985 is even more unlikely.

The point is, if you can get three solid players in a draft you can considerably improve your team in a matter of hours.

The Bills had pressing needs in 1985 and they addressed all them. The Bills CAN NOT pick "the best player" on the board. They have to pick players who are the best at the posistions the bills need to be filled.

If the Bills do not address tight end, defensive end, and offensive line in this draft with players who can play this upcoming season we are just burning another year of below par football.

Considering we have a coach who is clueless, an owner who is almost 150 years old, and a scouting staff who is suspect at best, my hopes aren't too high.

It is interesting to see the parellel between the 1985 draft and the 2007 draft. Trent Edwards, Paul Poslusny, and Marshawn Lynch are quite capable of someday being legends in this town. However, the time is at hand for them to start proving themselves!

Monday, April 20, 2009

The Weekly I Hate Spencer Pratt Thread

No matter how crappy your day is going at least your not this idiot, Spencer Pratt.

Oh Alex!

This Alexander Ovechkin's bar tab for a night out "on the town". Pretty solid $264.00 on 24 Amstel Lights, $80 on coca cola, a shot of tequilla, and of course over $6grand on lap dances! Well played Alex, Well played. $9,146.00 at a bar in Russia is like spending a million dollars in a bar in the States. If Alex would have spend 10grand they would have actually given him the entire country of Russia.
Notice $275.00 on Tiffany...And some loser ordered a margarita...But I digress...

Update: I really like Alex. However, above is a picture from the epic night that had Alex spending over $9grand at Russian Bar/Brothel. My question is this, If you spent all that money wouldn't you hope that at the end of the night maybe some better "talent" would be sitting at your table? And nice demim Alex. My god, are you a pro athelete or a cashier at Abercrombie? That clown Markov doesn't get away easy either. You look like one of those drunk idiots with a beach ball and funnel I see every summer at Dave Matthews Band concerts. I know its Russia guys and most people are more worried about have bread than having a nice outfit to go out in, but boys, check out Banana Republic or Armani Exchange. Seriously, you two miscreants are doing nothing to change the stereotypes Americans have of Russia.

New Blood

Take a look at the Sabres "next wave".

Tyler Myers is the truth! By all accounts he will be an absolute force in the NHL

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Sunday Funday

For this installment of Sunday Funday let us take a trip down memory lane to some amazing Bills highlights. It has been so long since the Bills have been good there are people out there who are in high school whom were not even alive when the Bills were a legitimate contender. I won't even begin to say how incredible it is we all still support the subpar product we see every week (full disclosure: I am a Bills season ticket holder).

What are your favorite Bills memories?

I was at this game. Simply incredible!

Epic Art Wander footage, epic mesh hats, the early 90's were a strange time. Check out of some the names being thrown around!Also check out the amazing mullet at 1:25

Friday, April 17, 2009

Jason Peters heading to the Eagles

See ya Jason.
Thanks for nothing!
Have a nice life in Philly.

Peters to the Eagles for a 1st (#28) and 4th round pick in 2009 and an undisclosed pick in 2010.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Pirate Smack

You know your a Somalia pirate when you wear the necklace of bullets ala Arnold in Predator. Please take special notice to the duct taped barrell of the gun.

If these Pirates were smart they would take the money they are getting for these ships and upgrade their armada. No one has seen boats like this since the Tet Offensive in the Mekong Delta. At least roll with fiber class guys. No one is going to take you seriously with your ski masks and wooden boats. Memo to the Pirates: We have bombs that can make mountains disapeer. Your titanic life boats are over matched.

This is how we roll!

Pay The Man His Money

Fred Jackson per his agent released a statement today to ESPN and the Buffalo News basically saying that the Bills need players like Jackson on the team and should pay him what he is worth. His agent cites his clients character and contribution to the team as why the Jackson camp feels the league minimum contract the Bills offered Jackson is a slap in the face (no pun intended Mr. Donte Whitner)

Fast Freddie and his Agent are doing one heck of a job at working the system. While Jackson is a very solid #2 RB and probably deserves more than the league minimum, there is no doubt Jackson knows the Bills are in a pretty challenging position. Jackson is going to end up getting much more than he would have if Lynch didn't go gangster.

If Jackson sits we effectively have no starting running back currently on the roster for the first three games. Hypothetically, the first three games of the season we will be with out three of our starters in Lynch, Peters, and Jackson! Pretty solid!

"Fred Jackson and his agent think the Buffalo Bills should, in effect, put their money where their mouth is in regards to high-character players.
Jackson, the Bills' second-string running back, is without a signed contract and has been dissatisfied with the way negotiations on a long-term deal have gone this spring.
A day after Bills Chief Executive Officer Russ Brandon espoused the importance of strong character in the team's player evaluations, Jackson's agent, Jerry Douglas, released a statement.
"We find the organization's comments regarding the importance of character very interesting given their position on Fred Jackson," said Douglas, who is based in New Jersey. "I think it's a fair statement to say that during his three years with the Bills, Fred has demonstrated his high character and that he is second to none in that department, to say nothing of his on-the-field contributions. Yet the organization is not making a concerted effort to lock in Fred as part of the team's long-term future. Public statements are great as long as you mean what you say.""(

The Buffalo Bills need to pay Jackson a fair wage! The league minimum is not only an insult but a pretty low salary considering Marshawn Lynch is one mistake away from being down for an entire year! I don't understand what the Bills problem is. Jackson is doing what any smart businessman would do. He sees that the Bills have a pressing need and wants to maximize it. Don't blame the Bills. Blame that idiot Lynch who seems to have some real off the field problems.

As Teddy KGB said in Rounders "pay the man his money!" For God sakes. We have enough problems on the Bills with Lynch, Peters, Owens, a quarterback who has yet to prove anything, and coach who cant figure out how to challenge a call. We can't be going into training camp with our a starting RB for the first three games.

Quick Hit


Good work Buffalo. I know things are tough. But one my way home this evening from Canada I saw a soccer team practicing on a city field with no nets! How the hell can a soccer team practice with out nets? Its embarrassing Buffalo. There are kids playing soccer in Uganda who may not be wearing shoes when they play but they certainly have nets in their goal


WGR 550 now has a "Draft Special" show on weekdays at 7pm. It is single handedly the best and worst radio show I have ever heard in my life. The information presented on the show and the hosts knowledge is top notch. However, the esteemed hosts have slightly more talent than a two college kids doing a pod cast on Phish's reunion. The two guys actually have some potential. But for them to be on the radio at 7pm on weeknights on a station whom claims to be the #1 sports talk station in the country is a bad choice. Put on Dennis Williams!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Jets in Toronto?

You have got to be kidding me? Out of all the teams that the NFL could take, they chose the Jets. The Jet games are among the best games to attend for a wide variety of reasons. Unfortuantely, most of which have nothing to do with football. It seems that the NFL and/or the Bills management is slowly but surely going to wear us down until we as Bills fans cease to care. The fact that the game in TO is a Thursday is also very intersting. I am sure alot of Jets and Bills fans will drive through crappy weather up to Toronto, pay $100+ per ducat, $50 to park, $20 for a beer, and $250 for a hotel room all at a game where you can't tail gate!

A Thursday night game actually bodes well for Buffalo. Nobody is going to go to this thing. If they had trouble selling the place out on a weekend there is no way they sell out on a Thursday. Football is a Sunday afternoon event! If Rogers wants to market the NFL in Toronto they should market the traditional Sunday afternoon expierience. All a Thursday night game is going to is fill the seats with businessmen. Ever been to the Air Canada Center? I've been to church services louder than that place.

The apparent total lack of a solid marketing plan should ease Bills fans a bit. It is going to be hard to beat last years event in terms of attendance and "buzz". By all accounts last years game in Toronto was a massive failure!

The rest of the schedule looks rather interesting. No real stand outs other than a rael nice back to back home game stretch in in September!

Sept. 14, Mon.: @ New England Patriots, 7 p.m., ESPN LOSS (0-1)
Sept. 20, Sun.: Tampa Bay Buccaneerss, 4:05 p.m., Ch. 29 WIN (1-1)
Sept. 27, Sun.: New Orleans Saints, 4:05 p.m., Ch. 29 LOSS(1-2)
Oct. 4, Sun.: @ Miami Dolphins, 4:05 p.m., Ch. 4 WIN (2-2)
Oct. 11, Sun.: Cleveland Browns, 1 p.m., Ch. 4 WIN (3-2)
Oct. 18, Sun.: @ New York Jets, 4:15 p.m., Ch. 4 WIN (4-2)
Oct. 25, Sun.: @ Carolina Panthers, 4:05 p.m., Ch. 4 LOSS (4-3)
Nov. 1, Sun.: Houston Texans, 1 p.m., Ch. 4 WIN (5-3)
Nov. 15, Sun.: @ Tennessee Titans, 1 p.m., Ch. 4 LOSS (5-4)
Nov. 22, Sun.: @ Jacksonville Jaguars, 1 p.m., Ch. 4 LOSS (5-5)
Nov. 29, Sun.: Miami Dolphins, 1 p.m., Ch. 4 LOSS (5-6)
Dec. 3, Thu.: vs. New York Jets at Toronto, 8:20 p.m., NFL WIN (6-6)
Dec. 13, Sun.: @ Kansas City Chiefs, 1 p.m., Ch. 4 WIN (7-6)
Dec. 20, Sun.: New England Patriots, 1 p.m., Ch. 4 LOSS (7-7)
Dec. 27, Sun.: @ Atlanta Falcons, 1 p.m., Ch. 4 WIN (8-7)
Jan. 3, Sun.: Indianapolis Colts, 1 p.m, Ch. LOSS (8-8)
From the looks of I predict an 8-8 record. Last year I predicted 8-8 and thought the Bills would be lucky to get there. I am more optimistic about this years team. I think the .500 mark would be a bit dissapointing. If Edwards and Owens click and our D can bulk up I think some of the Bills could easily take 2 of 3 from the Titans, Jags, and Dolphins and propel them into the playoff mix.
There is no way the Bills can go a full decade with out making the playoffs. The key for the Bills next season will be to win the games they have to win and for the first time in awhile we will have to steal some games.

Clay in Buffalo

Jason Peters: To Trade or Not To Trade

Conflicting reports on potential Peters trade continue
by Brian Galliford on in News 54 comments
Last week, AFC East reporter Tim Graham reported that the Buffalo Bills and OT Jason Peters remained at a contract impasse, and that the Bills were no closer to trading the disgruntled left tackle than to signing him. The report suggested the possibility that the Bills - long believed to be in a "sign him or ship him" limbo - might end up holding onto Peters through the 2009 NFL Draft, dealing with his likely holdout and letting Peters' 2008 season repeat itself next season.
Last night, Mike Lombardi of The National Football Post appeared on NFL Network's Total Access - and offered a slightly different take on the Peters situation.
Asked to give a percentage likelihood that Peters would be traded, Lombardi responded with "75 percent". He mentioned the aforementioned contract impasse, the Bills' willingness to entertain trade conversations to avoid a repeat of 2008, and stated that the team could expect a No. 1 draft pick "and some other things happening" in return for Peters.

....for the full article click here.


Another reason why Ryan Miller is the face of the Sabres organization,

The questions echoed off the empty locker stalls over and over Monday. What went wrong? What needs to be fixed? How can the Buffalo Sabres return to the playoffs?
The more Ryan Miller talked, the more obvious the answer became.
The Buffalo Sabres need to be more like Ryan Miller. Or, at the very least, they need to write down what he said, tape it to their walls and read the words daily during this second long summer in a row.
The franchise goaltender stood in front of his stall in HSBC Arena on locker-cleanout day and started with a caveat. He said it was too soon to make a list of what went wrong because the season ended just days ago. He said he needed time to digest things.
Then, for more than 10 minutes, Miller passionately and articulately described exactly what went wrong and how the Sabres can fix it. He provided the map the Sabres can use to find the way back to successes like 2006 and 2007, when they went to consecutive Eastern Conference finals.
The road to the Stanley Cup playoffs in 2009-10 starts with establishing an identity, finding a pulse for the dressing room.
"We've got to get back to some of the years we had a few years ago," Miller said. "But we also have to move past that because obviously it didn't win us a Cup then. I think that as much as the city fell in love with the team from a few years ago, you're never going to recapture it. We have to come out with our own identity.
"If we're going to be successful with the world-class talent we have on this team, it's going to have to come from attitude and willingness to compete. Those are things that you can instill in a player. A lot of times you can't find the talent that we have. I'm going to stick to it: We have a ton of talent available in this organization. What we need to do is find an identity, find that swagger that we had. That's the only thing I want to compare with a few years ago. I don't want to be that team, but I want the swagger. I want the confidence."
The Sabres lacked focus often this year, a trait that infuriated fans and sapped the Sabres of their drive. Miller said it's up to each player who wears Blue and Gold to find it.
"A lot of guys are going to have to take a good look at themselves this summer because it wasn't good enough," Miller said. "It's going to start with me looking at myself because I can't ask anybody else in this room to do anything until I look at myself. That's the trait that we need. It's that you have accountability for your actions, your play. You're not looking for excuses. Then it spreads. I think that just driving that point home is what the Sabres need.
"I'm going to be here. I want this to be an environment where we win hockey games, an environment where players can feel confident every night. I think that a lot of it comes from guys asking, "Am I doing enough?' then helping their teammates."
Becoming better teammates was a common theme throughout the dressing room Monday. Part of that involves letting each other know that it's time to grow up.
"If we can't kick ourselves in the butt to compete, then we should all be shipped out," Miller said. "It's got to start here. I think we have the talent. I think we were close. We're growing. These are the growing pains, unfortunately.
"We were using a few years ago as a crutch way too much. The expectations coming off those last few years might have hurt a little bit with some of the guys in here growing into different roles. But that's part of hockey. You grow up; you play; your role changes every year.
"When you're a rookie and you do it, they pat you on the head and say, "Hey! Good job. Way to go.' Then you grow up a bit, you play some more games, and then you do the same exact thing and it's just like, "Eh, you know, he's supposed to do that.' I think a lot of guys are kind of dealing with that. They're moving into a role where they're supposed to do that. They're supposed to be leaders. They're supposed to go out and score big goals. To be honest, I thought we saw some improvement."
It wasn't enough. The Sabres remained in 10th place. Miller knows that's what they deserved. He also believes it will soon be better.
"We didn't give ourselves a chance to get in the big dance, and we have no one to blame but ourselves," he said. "We're not seeking anybody out to give us any empathy on this one. The fans should be [angry]. We're [angry]. We're trying to figure things out.
"All that we ask is that everyone's patient enough to get through a summer. We hope to improve and put a better product on the ice.
"I'm not going to make any outrageous claims, but I want to be a team that has a swagger, has confidence .‚.‚. a team that's maturing and growing into what we should be with this amount of talent."

Monday, April 13, 2009

Worst Human Being Ever Alert

Spencer Pratt easily the worst human being around. Your parents must be real proud Spencer

Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Bills First Round Pick Will Be . . .

Brandon Pettigrew TE Oklahoma State

Pettigrew is a big, solid, tight end with pretty good blocking and receiving skills. The Bills defense is still a few years away from shutting anyone down. The Bills should put all of their eggs into the offensive basket.

Owens, Evans, Lynch, Jackson, and Pettigrew could be a pretty decent scoring offense. The Bills have not had a solid multi-talented TE since Pete Metzelaars.

(Update 4/13 @ 12:10pm) Apparently the Buffalo News agrees with me

Quick Hits

The Bisons won their first game of the season. As usual 8 people were in attendance for the game. The powers to be should put the Bisons on the road for the first month of the season. Have the teams' first home game be in May. Players who are one step (or injury) away from playing in the major leagues deserve better than having eight people in the stands. Who can blame fans for not coming? Temperatures near the lake on Sunday were hovering around the freezing point.


Clay in Buffalo

A Real Life Bear Mauling

Come to find out a woman in Germany was recently mauled by a bear! You cant make this stuff up. Not only was the woman going for a swim in the bears "area" but she was doing so during the bears feeding time.
What could have possibly been growing this womans mind? In a day and age with "super zoom" digital cameras there is no real reason taht you need to be that close.

I hate to sound like a cold, callous, person. But if you climb into a polar bears fenced in area at a zoo and that aforementioned bear decides to ty and eat you, you are going to have to deal with what happens. If you lose your arms at the teeth of a bear, you had it coming. If a wild animal at any time in the year 2009, attacks you, it is on you and not on the bear. This is not the Oregon trail and we no longer are hunters and gatherers. There is never, ever, a time in todays society when you can get attacked by a bear and it be the bears fault.

From the looks of the bear didn't want to waste this oppurtunity. He must have been thinking that it was "supersized" meal he didn't want to pass up.

Update On Donte

ESPN Story On Mr. Whitner Getting Tased

So come to find out Donte Whitner is denying all allegations relating to him and the several charges he faces resulting from a fracas that broke out in Cleveland early Saturday morning.

Let's be real about this. If you get tased at 3am you are doing something wrong. You may not have been assaulting off duty police officers as the Cleveland PD is reporting, but you were doing something wrong.

"A statement from the Cleveland Police Department alleged a brawl erupted outside the club at about 3 a.m. As off-duty officers tried to restore order, Whitner aggressively forced his way into an area where he was told not to go. Officers temporarily restrained him before he broke free and squared off to fight." (ESPN)

I live three blocks from Chippewea. I am usually down there at least one night a week. I also worked at bars all through college. In my expierience, I have never seen a cop just walk up to someone at 3am and tase them just for fun. In every case the person who gets tased was doing something wrong. Moreoever, usually cops don't tase people and then throw them in jail over night if you are"doing nothing wrong".

How refreshing would it have been if Donte came out and said "Listen, I had a few too many pops last night, things got out of hand, and I am sorry. I plan on pleading guilty to what I am charged with and will take my punishment accordingly."?

I am not saying your guilty of what they are saying Donte. All I am saying is that people do not just get randomly tased.

It will be interesting to see the rap sheets of the others whom all got arrested outside the bar. If guns were involved in anyway Whitner should sit three games, no questions asked. If Whitner is found guilty of these charges he should sit.

I would rather miss the playoffs for 20 years and have guys on the Bills you can actually cheer for than a team full of miscreants and dregs! That may be rather hard considering one prominent double murderer (allegedly) and armed robber (thank god he was convicted) still has his name on the Wall of Fame at Ralph Wilson Stadium.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Sunday Funday

Byron Brown and TO out on Chippewea...That would be epic!

Oh Donte!

Marshawn Lynch, James Hardy, and now Donte Whitner.

"Buffalo Bills defensive back Donte Whitner was in a
Cleveland jail today after he was Tasered by off-duty police while trying to
join a "near riot" that broke out in front of a club where he was partying,
Cleveland police said.
Whitner, 23, who is from Cleveland and was a star
player for Ohio State, was inside the popular House of Blues night club in the
heart of downtown Cleveland when a melee broke out at about 3 a.m. outside the
A birthday party was under way in the club for Miami Dolphin
Ted Ginn Jr., also from Cleveland, but it's unclear whether Whitner was at the
club for the celebration.
According to Cleveland police, off-duty officers
were trying to quell the fracas when Whitner tried to leave the club to get to
the fight.
"Officers attempting to control the scene denied Whitner access to
the area at which time he attempted to force his way past the officers in an
aggressive manner," Cleveland police said in a statement.
As off duty
officers attempted to restrain Whitner, he began swinging his arms "in a violent
manner," and broke free. He then "took a fighting stance."
An off duty
officer used his Taser to subdue Whitner, "debilitating him enough that officers
were able to place him in handcuffs," police said.
Whitner is accused of
aggravated disorderly conduct and resisting arrest but he had not been formally
charged as of this afternoon. He was being held in Cleveland City
Whitner was not being given any special treatment at the jail, Police
Lt. Thomas Stacho said.
"He's in regular City Jail with everyone else,"
Stacho said.
Aggravated disorderly conduct carries a maximum penalty of 180
days in jail and/or a $1,000 fine. Resisting arrest carries a maximum penalty of
90 days in jail and/or a $750 fine.
The arrest comes just days after fellow
Buffalo Bill Marshawn Lynch was suspended for three games in the coming season
after being found with a weapon in a car in California.
Whitner was
previously arrested in 2006 in the Buffalo area and faced a non-criminal
harassment charge involving his girlfriend. The charge was later
Whitner was drafted by the Bills in 2006. He has remained active in
Cleveland by supporting efforts to benefit high school athletes, along with
several other community projects.
The House of Blues is a chain of music
halls and restaurants founded in 1992 by Hard Rock Cafe founder Isaac Tigrett
and his friend and investor, Dan Aykroyd."

Friday, April 10, 2009

Memo to Mr. Lynch

A Memo to Mr. Lynch:

Dear Marshawn,

I am a huge fan. I have your jersey, I laugh every time you say something (when you say things), and every time you touch the ball I have the feeling something exciting can happen.

With that being said, I have to implore you not to appeal your suspension.

What can you possibly appeal? You were caught red handed with a gun and hippie lettuce in your car early in the morning in a sketchy parking lot! Take your punishment like a man, sit out for three games and move on. You know what they call people that have done what you have done in the past nine months whom aren't pro athletes? They call them inmates! Be thankful you didn't smoke just a bit too much tree and pull a Plaxico Burress in your front seat. I also find it hard to believe that your appeal will have to much merit considering you were smoking dope with a loaded gun in your car with the lights on and a bogus license plate. I hate to break it you Marshawn but your not exactly Andy Dufrane.

If you were smart you would spend your twenty one day suspension contemplating just how damn lucky you are. You almost (allegedly) killed a woman with your car. You almost received felony weapons charges. And you almost would have gotten ten to fifteen more first downs last season if you hit the hole a little harder!

You make more money in a year than most of us will ever make in our lives! We can tolerate a lot of things in Buffalo. But what we can't tolerate is people squandering their blessings. In a region where jobs and money are scarce you are basically giving a big middle finger to Bills' fans and the people of Buffalo by showing such a large lack of respect for the position you are in!

Serve your suspension and let's move on. We are pretty good at forgiving our athletes. Just ask "Hank" Tallinder .

Quick Hits
Are you kidding me? Buffalo now apparently has a professional women's roller derby team. "The Queen City Roller Girls". As you will be able to discern for yourself from the picture, there are no "10's". All the dime pieces were at SoHo on Friday night while these chicks just bombed around a roller rink taking each other out. The only thing worse then these chicks partaking in such a stupid feat are the "fans" whom were reported in attendance by the Buffalo News. Are you kidding me? Who the hell decided on a Friday night that they want to go watch womens roller derby? "Yea, work was pretty tough this week, the boss is on my butt, I need to unwind! I got it, I'll go to some smokey roller rink on a Friday night and watch the Queen City Roller Girls." What a bunch of losers! People in Buffalo, I know things are tough. But we will get through them just like we always do! However, we can not sell ourselves and our city short. No matter how bad things are it is ALWAYS beneath you to attend women's roller derby, ALWAYS. There is no plausible excuse you can have for attending an event such as that. If its for charity mail them the check, if its for entertainment go play putt putt, if your girlfriend is on the team DUMP HER. There is no set of circumstances anyone can put together which would render attending roller derby as socially acceptable behavior.
Consider yourselves warned, let's move on, and forget any of this ever happened!...Oddly enough I just did the same thing with the 2008-2009 Buffalo Sabres season.


Paul Harris is going to test the waters in the NBA Draft? Congratulations Paul. I wonder if you are going to have another "party" up in the Falls? I actually saw Paul Harris' last "party" that they threw for the fine young man in his home town.. I was driving home after a night out with some old college buddies the when I found myself in the middle of scene from a 50Cent video! As some of you may remember there was a large fight and gun shots at the party held for Mr. Harris prior to him leaving for Syracuse outside of a nightclub in Niagara Falls. This in conjunction with some of his other "off the court issues" (charges of domestic violence etc) make it pretty tough to root for the hometown boy.

With so many great kids and great stories in college basketball how the hell can you root for a kid Paul Harris?


The Bills reportedly do not know what to with Jason Peters. Ill tell you what to do with Jason Peters. Send three of four interns from 1 Bills Drive to that guys house, pack all his crap, give him a bus ticket and send him out of town. That dude is out of his mind!
Hey Jason, the point of being on the offensive line is blocking. Not putting your hands in the air in shock everytime someone gets around you. I dont want to hear about this Pro Bowl garbage either. You were a default pick in a meaningless game. Why don't you do everyone a favor and just go away! The fact that no one around Buffalo is up in arms over the thought of you leaving is a pretty clear indication that the only two people in this entire world who believe you are worth the money you are asking for are you and your agent. Hit the bricks you clown.


Clay in Buffalo

Are You Kidding Me Pirates?

So let me get this straight. Here in America we have defeated the Germans, the Japanese, scored a split decision with the Koreans and Vietnamese, and we can not use military force to get a guy off a pirates' dingy? Come on Barack, do what Georgey would have done, find the meanest, toughest, most bad ass marines and send them in there to get the Captain back! Enough is Enough. These guys are in canoes and are shooting at us with armaments that make tanks look relevant!

Quick Hits


The Sabres missed the playoffs again and everyone has a theory as to why. I'll tell you why...If you look at the rosters of teams such as Detroit, San Jose, and even the New York Rangers, they are teams with grown ass MEN. There is no denying the talent on the Sabres. Close your eyes and think back to all those Stanley Cup highlights you have seen (or use to see) on television. You don't remember guys with pretty faux-hawks, and designer lids. You remember guys missing half their faces because they just took a biscuit off their temple. You remember guys with sweat laden hats, looking angry and mean! Think Henrik Zetterberg now think Jason Pominville...Game 7, two-minutes left, your teams up by a goal and you have to kill off the extra attacker. Who would you rather have out there? Zetterberg


Strangely enough "Mr. Met" has a higher approval rating than Collins or Patterson. What a great photo op though. The Governor of a collapsing state, the top executive of a collapsing county, and the mascot of a team who just collapses.
The Bisons are now 0-1. There is no word yet if those two clowns on WGR's afternoon drive show are calling for the coach to be fired.
Paul Hamilton, who does a tremendous job covering the Bills and the Sabres really needs to invest in blue tooth technology. Every day during his interviews he hits the buttons on his cell phone while talking on the air. You would think that someone over at WGR would spring the $50 and get the guy a bluetooth. If someone could also pass a not along to the guy to maybe clear his throat prior to coming on the air that would surely help. The guy is a tremendous sports reporter and really has good things to say. It would just be easier to listen to him if he acted like he actually was on the radio
Clay in Buffalo