Thursday, June 18, 2009

Three Dudes Arrested For Boozing at a New Kids on the Block Concert

What is worse?

Being arrested for underage drinking?

Being arrested and having your name published in the news?

Being arrested at a NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK CONCERT and having it published in the news?


Being arrested at NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK CONCERT, having it published in the news, and being a dude?

My guess is all four options equally suck. However, in this weeks installment of stupid criminals seeing concerts at Darien Lake we have some real modern day criminals. Conor Kobis, Shawn Riccio, and Michael J. Walsh were arrested for underage drinking at the NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK concert at Darien Lake.

Now before you say, "oh they were probably there with their girlfriends." let me tell you this as avid concert goer. If your 18 and ALLEGEDLY drinking at a concert everyone your with is drinking. In turn, everyone will be arrested. Amazing absent from this police blotter report is any mention of any women.

Guys what were you doing there? Seriously. If people want to get after it before a Dave Matthews Band concert or Coldplay show so be it. Have at it. Be safe and don't drive. However, there is no good excuse of any man to attend a NKOTB concert.

Now everyone will know you guys went to the concert! Remember, just because someone is charged with something does not mean they did it! Everyone is innocent until proven guilty. But one thing here is pretty certain. You three guys were attending a New Kids concert.
Yea thats right, these guys

Conor M. Kobis, 18, of 81 Pound Road, Elma; Shawn M. Riccio, 18, 24 Cardinal Lane, West Seneca; and, Michael J. Walsh, 18, 315 Eden St., Buffalo were charged with unlawful possession of alcohol by persons under 21 yesterday. The trio were reportedly observed drinking in the parking lot at Darien Lake, where New Kids on the Block were playing. All three were issued appearance tickets.

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