Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Quick Hits

Jaw Says Trent Edwards is a "keeper"

Ron Jaworski, a Lackawana native, said yesterday that he has confidence in Trent Edwards and his abilities to be a "winning quarterback in the NFL". Oh okay, thanks Ron. Jaws was playing in a charity golf tournament in Buffalo when he made these earth shattering statements. What was he going to say in Buffalo? "Gee Bills fans, you guys are screwed." Come on! People once said Alexander Mogilny would be the next Wayne Gretzky. The proof is in the pudding. In true Buffalo fashion it makes the front page of the newspaper. Are we that starved for someone to reinforce the talent of our starting quarterback. Trent will be a good QB when we make the playoffs. Until then he is no better or worse then Todd Collins, JP Lossman, Rob Johnson, etc etc. But thanks Ron anway!

Marek Sagrapan is heading to play in Russia.

First question is who is Marek Sagrapan? Second question is who cares? Third question is who the hell picked this guy 13th overall? Hard to believe the Red Wings passed on this diamond in the rough. In all fairness, the Red Wings didn't have a draft pick that year until 10 picks later. However, something tells me they would have passed. It is no official Buffalo sports fans. The Sabres 2005 draft was a bust. But who is really keeping track? Have fun in Russia Marek! Hopefully the bread lines aren't too long for you!

Total New York State Bull!

There was a great story in the Buffalo News about a young man from Amherst named Jordie Maliken. Jordie is a student at Amherst who has a learning disability. Based on this designation he was not allowed to participate on the Amherst Track and Field team this season. This fine young man was allowed to compete the past three seasons but the great state of New York barred him from participating this season.

Your kidding right New York State? So this young man stayed in high school an extra year and studying his ass off to become a better person and you penalize him? Unreal! The powers that be in the New York State education system should be ashamed on themselves. Maybe you clowns should spend a bit more time focusing on the problem in our schools such as low test scores, outdated equipment, and how the hell we are going to catch up with China and India and a little less time worried about if some student wants to participate in track and field an extra year.

It seems that the people in charge have lost touch with what is happening in the school systems. I find it hard to believe that any of the hard working teachers in the school district or the coaches had a problem with this!

My hope is that Mr. Maliken goes on to do great things and can learn from this lesson that sometimes life isn't fair and their are truly stupid people who make poor decisions! If you want to worry about something drive by Hutch Tech on weekday morning. Check out all the kids with no backpacks (no backpacks means no homework), smoking cigarettes, and stealing from the local mini marts. I see it everyday! Worry about why no one is graduating from the schools in inner cities. Its not the teachers, it is the idiots who make terrible policy that is not only shortsighted but indecent and reprehensible.

My guess is people with the determination and spirit of someone like Jordie Maliken will go on to touch far more lives then the lifers, chronies, and hacks that make up the state educational polices. It's truly a shame that the hard working men and woman who educate our youth have their policies dictated by these people.

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