Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Fast Freddie Gets Paid

Freddie Jackson took the Buffalo Bills to business school and got paid!

The Bills, whom are going to be with out the services of Marshawn Inch for the first three games, needed a starting running back. Preferably someone who wasnt 59 years old like Domenic Rhodes.

The running back they did have was holding out waiting for a better contract. A contract value which increased by about 100% when Mr. Inch couldn't follow the rules like everyone else and got put in time out.

One mans trash is anothers treasure. Marshawn's suspension equaled a big pay day for Jackson.

Congratulations to Fast Freddie. This guy did it the right way. Came up from a Div. 3 school, played in the Arena League, and was an undrafted free agent in the NFL. As I pointed out awhile ago Jackson represents everything that is right with pro sports and Lynch represents everything that is wrong with pro sports.

I don't blame Jackson for "demanding" more money. Hell, its the American way. It is capitalism at its finest. Jackson had a service to render and the Bills are/were in need of that service. If you are going to be pissed at someone blame Lynch. That idiot would rather play Tony Montana.

Congrats Freddie. You deserve it!

Quick Hits

Good job showing up Washington Captials. 15min left in the second period and your getting rocked 5-0. What a major let down on what promised to be one of the better playoff games in recent memory.

Memo to the Buffalo road crews. FIX THE MOON CRATER ON CHIPPEWEA! My gosh. The street is one of the only active streets 24/7 in the city and it is similar to driving down a street in Beruit. Hopefully someone in the Buffalo Public Works is reading this. God knows they aren't fixing pot holes, repairing guard rails, cleaning up trash etc etc. The Public Works department should take their cue from the police and fire fighters in Buffalo. Hell, everyone employeed by the city should take a note from those two departments. The cops and fire fighters are the hardest working people in the city!

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