Thursday, May 7, 2009

Just Manny Being A Cheater

So Man Ram is on the juice? Suprisig but not entirely unpredictable. Quite frankly, I didn't think Manny cared enough about baseball to cheat. There is a law of diminishing returns to the whole steroid era in baseball. The more and more I hear about players who are using roids the less and less I care.

I have come to the realization that more than likely everyone is using them. In stead of being shocked at the guys who ARE using them I am shocked that there are some guys who ARE NOT using them

What the hell are these guys thinking? If I were some of these journeymen MLB'ers I would be taking enough roids to revive Barbaro. If they don't get caught they can stay in the league longer and make more money. If they get cut their mediocre career is probably finished. To me it's worth the gamble.

I am dreading the day this garbage enters the NHL. Major League Baseball is a complete joke. No records, accomplishments, milestones, and championships can be looked at with out a big fat *!

Major League Baseball to me is more on par these days with professional wrestling. It is entertainmet. That is it. I don't know what is real, who is or isnt cheating, and I sure as heck don't know how things like roids effect the outcome of the games.

Back in 2007, who would have thought steroids would have reached this level?

Great clip about just how dishonest the ENTIRE game of baseball just may be

Bob Costas is pissed!!

Quick Hits
Larry Quinn claimed today on the radio that the Hamilton/Southern Ontraio area makes up 25% of the teams market. Maybe if the Sabres could make the playoffs consistently and not alientate their fanbase with awful offseason moves they wouldn't have to go North of the border
UB Football lost a few schloarships for not having good enough grades as a team. Really? If their grades are bad they must all be a bunch of miscreants. They do realize they play for UB?! Those kids should be studyig because no matter how much a a "feel good story" that team is they have 9-5's in their new future!
The Bisons one a game today! That makes 3 all season. Good job Herd! Keep it up! You guys are on pace for 15 wins all season

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