Thursday, May 14, 2009

Thursday In The Square = Hippie Paradise

For music lovers this years Buffalo Thursday in the Square line up is pretty epic. Buffalo Place, who puts on the shows, have stuck to the script of bringing in as many jam bands as humanly possible to fill the Buffalo area hotels and bars with nomadic hippies coming in from out of town to check out the bands.

The best shows on this years line up are Umphrey McGee, Robert Randolph & the Family Band, along with the Black Crowes

Avoid the Disco Biscuits show like the plague. Unless of course being surrounded by kids in sideways hats, hemp necklaces, and epic hoodies are your cup of tea.

The "Harbour Shows" will also be pretty awesome. The new inner canal is beautiful and will showcase some of the great changes coming to the City of Buffalo

This should be a great summer for music in Buffalo.
In other news, George Clinton is somehow still alive!?!

Full Concert Line Up

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