Monday, May 4, 2009

Almost Gone...

Thanks to Healy for the pics.

The Aud is almost totally torn down. Having been to the waterfront on Sunday I can tell you that the whole area is already opening up quite nicely! It is amazing how much more open that space is even with half the Aud gone!

That area is going to be amazing in 2 or 3 years. If you have money in the bar business on Chippewea I would get out while you can. The waterfront is going to be the go to place!
The Buffalo waterfront almost perfectly opens itself up to development. If you travel a bit south of where the Aud is there are these perfect "jetties" that are naturally set up along the waterfront which bars and restaurants could be placed on. The locations would mean that each establishment would have three sides of water per location! It would also means you would be able to dock your boat along each establishment that you would chose to go to!
Having not been down to that area since last 4th of July I was totally amazed at the development of the area! It appears that Buffalo is taking it's time and doing this right! Route 5 is well on its way in regards to transformation as well. What years ago was a dingy, pot hole ridden parkway around Tift, has been transformed in a tree lined causeway which will serve as a gateway to the newest jewel of Buffalo.
If I had money to invest I would put it ALL in the redevelopment of the waterfront. I had to see it to believe it and I am now a very, very strong believer in this project and just how amazing it is actually going to be.

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