Monday, May 18, 2009

Welcome To Buffalo Mr. Owens

Dear Mr. Owens,

Welcome to Buffalo. I was glad to see that you were pretty well received at the airport last night. We all know that Buffalo was not your first choice and may have been your only choice. That is fine with us here. We realize here in Buffalo, more than most places, that people need second chances and clean starts. We all know you will only be here for about six months. All we ask are a few simple things and this little expieriment should go okay.

1. You may not like Buffalo. You wont be able to find enough cool clubs, other folks in your demograhics, and fancy places to eat. The one thing you will like about our city is that people are brutally honest and very passionate about two things. 1. Our city and 2. Football. If you don't like the clubs or the cold there is no reason to tell the entire world. Keep it to yourself, please!

2. People around here have a vested interest in our sporting teams. When you go shopping or pump gas in your car be prepared to get a thousand differnt opinions on what kind of routes you should be running and how the Bills can get better. This is not a knock on you TO. It is rather our attempt to try and make you and the Bills better. Dont take it to heart.

3. All we want is 100%. That is one thing you have always provided. We have accepted losing here. We came to almost relish our spot as America's most losing sports city. If you give 100% your time here will be fine.

4. Expierience WNY. If you live in Clarence and drive to Orchard Park and back every day you may find Buffalo to live up to the stereotype. Check out the Chophouse, Left Bank, Laughlins, the waterfront, Thursday in the Square, the Anchor Bar, Elmwood, etc etc. You don't have to like any of these places. But if you check them out you may find out a little bit about how we operate here TO.

Overall, all we want is not to look like a joke. The Bills aren't going to win the Super Bowl anytime soon. Heck, we may not even make the playoffs this year. But all we want is to turn on ESPN or listen to the Radio and not be a national joke. We have enough to deal with here.

Welcome to Buffalo Mr. Owens. This place is what is. You being here won't bring back jobs or fix our roads. But maybe, just maybe, your pressence will make Buffalo relavent again in the national spotlight.

Buffalo is like a sports team. You will get out what you put in. If you sit on the sidelines and sulk it will be terrible. However, if you bust your butt, study the playbook and give it all you have you will reap what you sow.

Best Wishes,

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