Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Aaron Maybin

The more I read about Aaron Maybin the more it seems that Aaron is best cut out for the NFL when used one or two downs per series.

His unbelieveable speed off the end should make up for his lack of size. Those who think that Maybin is a one trick pony should take into consideration the following...Maybin will be primarily used on pass rush situations. In a shotgun situation Maybin rushing off the end will have a distinct speed advantage against even the fastest of offensive guards! Even if the newest Bill can pressure the quarterback into making untimely throws the Bills are moving in the right direction.

One of the great thing about a player like Brue Smith was not only his sack total but his "hurries". Last year one of the Bills largest problems were their opposition quarterbacks had almost unlimited time. It was if the Bills were counting to 7 Mississippi!!!

Again, at this point anything productive is a step on the right direction


Quick Hits

Today Channel 4 reported that the Health Department were investigating several migrant workers in the Western New York area for potentially having the swine flu. This was pretty shocking to me. Not so much about the swing flu, but who the heck knew Buffalo had migrant workers? Has anyone ever seen a migrant worker in Western New York?

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