Sunday, April 12, 2009

A Real Life Bear Mauling

Come to find out a woman in Germany was recently mauled by a bear! You cant make this stuff up. Not only was the woman going for a swim in the bears "area" but she was doing so during the bears feeding time.
What could have possibly been growing this womans mind? In a day and age with "super zoom" digital cameras there is no real reason taht you need to be that close.

I hate to sound like a cold, callous, person. But if you climb into a polar bears fenced in area at a zoo and that aforementioned bear decides to ty and eat you, you are going to have to deal with what happens. If you lose your arms at the teeth of a bear, you had it coming. If a wild animal at any time in the year 2009, attacks you, it is on you and not on the bear. This is not the Oregon trail and we no longer are hunters and gatherers. There is never, ever, a time in todays society when you can get attacked by a bear and it be the bears fault.

From the looks of the bear didn't want to waste this oppurtunity. He must have been thinking that it was "supersized" meal he didn't want to pass up.

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