Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Jason Peters: To Trade or Not To Trade

Conflicting reports on potential Peters trade continue
by Brian Galliford on in News 54 comments
Last week, ESPN.com AFC East reporter Tim Graham reported that the Buffalo Bills and OT Jason Peters remained at a contract impasse, and that the Bills were no closer to trading the disgruntled left tackle than to signing him. The report suggested the possibility that the Bills - long believed to be in a "sign him or ship him" limbo - might end up holding onto Peters through the 2009 NFL Draft, dealing with his likely holdout and letting Peters' 2008 season repeat itself next season.
Last night, Mike Lombardi of The National Football Post appeared on NFL Network's Total Access - and offered a slightly different take on the Peters situation.
Asked to give a percentage likelihood that Peters would be traded, Lombardi responded with "75 percent". He mentioned the aforementioned contract impasse, the Bills' willingness to entertain trade conversations to avoid a repeat of 2008, and stated that the team could expect a No. 1 draft pick "and some other things happening" in return for Peters.

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