Sunday, April 12, 2009

Update On Donte

ESPN Story On Mr. Whitner Getting Tased

So come to find out Donte Whitner is denying all allegations relating to him and the several charges he faces resulting from a fracas that broke out in Cleveland early Saturday morning.

Let's be real about this. If you get tased at 3am you are doing something wrong. You may not have been assaulting off duty police officers as the Cleveland PD is reporting, but you were doing something wrong.

"A statement from the Cleveland Police Department alleged a brawl erupted outside the club at about 3 a.m. As off-duty officers tried to restore order, Whitner aggressively forced his way into an area where he was told not to go. Officers temporarily restrained him before he broke free and squared off to fight." (ESPN)

I live three blocks from Chippewea. I am usually down there at least one night a week. I also worked at bars all through college. In my expierience, I have never seen a cop just walk up to someone at 3am and tase them just for fun. In every case the person who gets tased was doing something wrong. Moreoever, usually cops don't tase people and then throw them in jail over night if you are"doing nothing wrong".

How refreshing would it have been if Donte came out and said "Listen, I had a few too many pops last night, things got out of hand, and I am sorry. I plan on pleading guilty to what I am charged with and will take my punishment accordingly."?

I am not saying your guilty of what they are saying Donte. All I am saying is that people do not just get randomly tased.

It will be interesting to see the rap sheets of the others whom all got arrested outside the bar. If guns were involved in anyway Whitner should sit three games, no questions asked. If Whitner is found guilty of these charges he should sit.

I would rather miss the playoffs for 20 years and have guys on the Bills you can actually cheer for than a team full of miscreants and dregs! That may be rather hard considering one prominent double murderer (allegedly) and armed robber (thank god he was convicted) still has his name on the Wall of Fame at Ralph Wilson Stadium.

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