Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Draft of 1985

The Buffalo Bills draft of 1985 is among one of the best drafts in the history of professional sports. The '85 draft saw the Bills pick up some of the most legendary players in Bills history. Bruce Smith, Andre Reed, and Frank Reich were among the biggest names in the class.

The chances of Buffalo being that likely ever again are pretty slim. The chances of anyone at One Bills Drive having enough foresight to pick talent like they did in 1985 is even more unlikely.

The point is, if you can get three solid players in a draft you can considerably improve your team in a matter of hours.

The Bills had pressing needs in 1985 and they addressed all them. The Bills CAN NOT pick "the best player" on the board. They have to pick players who are the best at the posistions the bills need to be filled.

If the Bills do not address tight end, defensive end, and offensive line in this draft with players who can play this upcoming season we are just burning another year of below par football.

Considering we have a coach who is clueless, an owner who is almost 150 years old, and a scouting staff who is suspect at best, my hopes aren't too high.

It is interesting to see the parellel between the 1985 draft and the 2007 draft. Trent Edwards, Paul Poslusny, and Marshawn Lynch are quite capable of someday being legends in this town. However, the time is at hand for them to start proving themselves!

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