Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Have A Nice Life Paul Harris

Paul Harris, have a nice life. Your NBA career err NBA D League Career will hopefully last a season or a two.

If Jimmy B calls you pick up the phone and return his calls. If your arent returning Jimmy B's calls Im sure your not returning your baby mamas calls either!

I am glad Paul Harris is no longer a member of the Cuse baketball team. Now I can actually root for them and watch a game.

I have long been on to Paul's act. Going to school at Niagara University there were always stories of Paul's off the court antics. I won't go into them because most them are hearsay. However, I would put good money on the fact that most of them are/were true!

Paul Harris' on and off the court antics were a disgrace to the proud tradition of Syracuse Basketball!

Great Article of Mr. Harris and the weeks leading up to him leaving Syracuse

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