Monday, April 20, 2009

Oh Alex!

This Alexander Ovechkin's bar tab for a night out "on the town". Pretty solid $264.00 on 24 Amstel Lights, $80 on coca cola, a shot of tequilla, and of course over $6grand on lap dances! Well played Alex, Well played. $9,146.00 at a bar in Russia is like spending a million dollars in a bar in the States. If Alex would have spend 10grand they would have actually given him the entire country of Russia.
Notice $275.00 on Tiffany...And some loser ordered a margarita...But I digress...

Update: I really like Alex. However, above is a picture from the epic night that had Alex spending over $9grand at Russian Bar/Brothel. My question is this, If you spent all that money wouldn't you hope that at the end of the night maybe some better "talent" would be sitting at your table? And nice demim Alex. My god, are you a pro athelete or a cashier at Abercrombie? That clown Markov doesn't get away easy either. You look like one of those drunk idiots with a beach ball and funnel I see every summer at Dave Matthews Band concerts. I know its Russia guys and most people are more worried about have bread than having a nice outfit to go out in, but boys, check out Banana Republic or Armani Exchange. Seriously, you two miscreants are doing nothing to change the stereotypes Americans have of Russia.

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  1. Teazers Rivonia is In South Africa. It was $9,146 Rand (South Africa's currency), which is approx $1,300USD!! So not that expensive. Look out South Africa, here I come!! -JParty