Thursday, April 16, 2009

Pay The Man His Money

Fred Jackson per his agent released a statement today to ESPN and the Buffalo News basically saying that the Bills need players like Jackson on the team and should pay him what he is worth. His agent cites his clients character and contribution to the team as why the Jackson camp feels the league minimum contract the Bills offered Jackson is a slap in the face (no pun intended Mr. Donte Whitner)

Fast Freddie and his Agent are doing one heck of a job at working the system. While Jackson is a very solid #2 RB and probably deserves more than the league minimum, there is no doubt Jackson knows the Bills are in a pretty challenging position. Jackson is going to end up getting much more than he would have if Lynch didn't go gangster.

If Jackson sits we effectively have no starting running back currently on the roster for the first three games. Hypothetically, the first three games of the season we will be with out three of our starters in Lynch, Peters, and Jackson! Pretty solid!

"Fred Jackson and his agent think the Buffalo Bills should, in effect, put their money where their mouth is in regards to high-character players.
Jackson, the Bills' second-string running back, is without a signed contract and has been dissatisfied with the way negotiations on a long-term deal have gone this spring.
A day after Bills Chief Executive Officer Russ Brandon espoused the importance of strong character in the team's player evaluations, Jackson's agent, Jerry Douglas, released a statement.
"We find the organization's comments regarding the importance of character very interesting given their position on Fred Jackson," said Douglas, who is based in New Jersey. "I think it's a fair statement to say that during his three years with the Bills, Fred has demonstrated his high character and that he is second to none in that department, to say nothing of his on-the-field contributions. Yet the organization is not making a concerted effort to lock in Fred as part of the team's long-term future. Public statements are great as long as you mean what you say.""(

The Buffalo Bills need to pay Jackson a fair wage! The league minimum is not only an insult but a pretty low salary considering Marshawn Lynch is one mistake away from being down for an entire year! I don't understand what the Bills problem is. Jackson is doing what any smart businessman would do. He sees that the Bills have a pressing need and wants to maximize it. Don't blame the Bills. Blame that idiot Lynch who seems to have some real off the field problems.

As Teddy KGB said in Rounders "pay the man his money!" For God sakes. We have enough problems on the Bills with Lynch, Peters, Owens, a quarterback who has yet to prove anything, and coach who cant figure out how to challenge a call. We can't be going into training camp with our a starting RB for the first three games.

Quick Hit


Good work Buffalo. I know things are tough. But one my way home this evening from Canada I saw a soccer team practicing on a city field with no nets! How the hell can a soccer team practice with out nets? Its embarrassing Buffalo. There are kids playing soccer in Uganda who may not be wearing shoes when they play but they certainly have nets in their goal


WGR 550 now has a "Draft Special" show on weekdays at 7pm. It is single handedly the best and worst radio show I have ever heard in my life. The information presented on the show and the hosts knowledge is top notch. However, the esteemed hosts have slightly more talent than a two college kids doing a pod cast on Phish's reunion. The two guys actually have some potential. But for them to be on the radio at 7pm on weeknights on a station whom claims to be the #1 sports talk station in the country is a bad choice. Put on Dennis Williams!

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