Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Bills First Round Pick Will Be . . .

Brandon Pettigrew TE Oklahoma State

Pettigrew is a big, solid, tight end with pretty good blocking and receiving skills. The Bills defense is still a few years away from shutting anyone down. The Bills should put all of their eggs into the offensive basket.

Owens, Evans, Lynch, Jackson, and Pettigrew could be a pretty decent scoring offense. The Bills have not had a solid multi-talented TE since Pete Metzelaars.

(Update 4/13 @ 12:10pm) Apparently the Buffalo News agrees with me

Quick Hits

The Bisons won their first game of the season. As usual 8 people were in attendance for the game. The powers to be should put the Bisons on the road for the first month of the season. Have the teams' first home game be in May. Players who are one step (or injury) away from playing in the major leagues deserve better than having eight people in the stands. Who can blame fans for not coming? Temperatures near the lake on Sunday were hovering around the freezing point.


Clay in Buffalo

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