Monday, April 27, 2009

Bills Draft - First Round

At this point the bar is set so low for the Buffalo Bills and their draft picks as long as the players have a pulse they can be on the same level as some of the bills previous draft picks

Its pretty funny how the people on WGR550's bootleg draft day coverage were besides themselves with the Bills first two picks, while the pundits on ESPN and the NFL Network praised the Bills' picks! More on that later...

Aaron Maybin from Penn State is a pick that somewhat caught me off guard. However, who the hell cares? The Bills track record in the past drafts is pretty horrible. JP Losman, James Hardy, Ko Simpson, etc etc. Sometimes it is better to be lucky than to be good. Maybin represents a bit of a gamble. But let's be honest. The Bills haven't made the playoffs in almost a decade, another city is courting the franchise, and the only thing the owner has said since offering our terrible coach an extension was that he "was alive".

If Maybin is total bust and can not make the adjustment to the NFL we are no better or worse off for it.

If the newest Bills rusher works out Brandon and his crew are guru's. If he is a bust, Maybin is just another player in a long line of first round busts for the Buffalo Bills

Eric Wood from Louisville is a player that I really like! He reminds me of the Kent Hull/Jim Ritcher type. Smart, heady, tough, and well spoken. Wood is said to be among one of the smartest players in the draft. That is a good thing for the Bills. We need smart players. Players who not only can take care of their assignments on the field but players who are smart enough not to...

1. Hold a gun to their fathers head (allegedly) a la James Hardy

2. Get caught with a gun and drugs in a car with bogus license plates a la Marshawn Lynch

3. Get tased by a police officer a la Donte Whitner

As I previously mentioned, give me a 2-14 team of guys I can root for over a super bowl team with a bunch of thugs on it! I mean look at him! He looks like a football player!

Some people have said it will be tough for Wood to make the switch from Center of Guard. However, the kid is a heck of a blocker. Allowing him to worry just about blocking and not snapping the ball should actually help his cause on the line. I am pretty excited to see what this guy can do.

Maybin and Wood by all accounts are good kids who are "football players" not just guys who want to collect pay checks!
The Bills addressed their needs! Don't listen to WGR to form your thoughts! Every caller and most of the hosts were "shocked" at the Bills draft. The only person on that station who seemed to have a decent take on the Bills draft was Jerry Sullivan. What a waste of time that draft show was! Not once were any of the players the Bills picked ever mentioned!
I think I'll defer to ESPN, the USA TODAY, and NFL Network all whom gave the Bills very high marks!
However, only time will tell

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