Friday, April 10, 2009

Memo to Mr. Lynch

A Memo to Mr. Lynch:

Dear Marshawn,

I am a huge fan. I have your jersey, I laugh every time you say something (when you say things), and every time you touch the ball I have the feeling something exciting can happen.

With that being said, I have to implore you not to appeal your suspension.

What can you possibly appeal? You were caught red handed with a gun and hippie lettuce in your car early in the morning in a sketchy parking lot! Take your punishment like a man, sit out for three games and move on. You know what they call people that have done what you have done in the past nine months whom aren't pro athletes? They call them inmates! Be thankful you didn't smoke just a bit too much tree and pull a Plaxico Burress in your front seat. I also find it hard to believe that your appeal will have to much merit considering you were smoking dope with a loaded gun in your car with the lights on and a bogus license plate. I hate to break it you Marshawn but your not exactly Andy Dufrane.

If you were smart you would spend your twenty one day suspension contemplating just how damn lucky you are. You almost (allegedly) killed a woman with your car. You almost received felony weapons charges. And you almost would have gotten ten to fifteen more first downs last season if you hit the hole a little harder!

You make more money in a year than most of us will ever make in our lives! We can tolerate a lot of things in Buffalo. But what we can't tolerate is people squandering their blessings. In a region where jobs and money are scarce you are basically giving a big middle finger to Bills' fans and the people of Buffalo by showing such a large lack of respect for the position you are in!

Serve your suspension and let's move on. We are pretty good at forgiving our athletes. Just ask "Hank" Tallinder .

Quick Hits
Are you kidding me? Buffalo now apparently has a professional women's roller derby team. "The Queen City Roller Girls". As you will be able to discern for yourself from the picture, there are no "10's". All the dime pieces were at SoHo on Friday night while these chicks just bombed around a roller rink taking each other out. The only thing worse then these chicks partaking in such a stupid feat are the "fans" whom were reported in attendance by the Buffalo News. Are you kidding me? Who the hell decided on a Friday night that they want to go watch womens roller derby? "Yea, work was pretty tough this week, the boss is on my butt, I need to unwind! I got it, I'll go to some smokey roller rink on a Friday night and watch the Queen City Roller Girls." What a bunch of losers! People in Buffalo, I know things are tough. But we will get through them just like we always do! However, we can not sell ourselves and our city short. No matter how bad things are it is ALWAYS beneath you to attend women's roller derby, ALWAYS. There is no plausible excuse you can have for attending an event such as that. If its for charity mail them the check, if its for entertainment go play putt putt, if your girlfriend is on the team DUMP HER. There is no set of circumstances anyone can put together which would render attending roller derby as socially acceptable behavior.
Consider yourselves warned, let's move on, and forget any of this ever happened!...Oddly enough I just did the same thing with the 2008-2009 Buffalo Sabres season.


Paul Harris is going to test the waters in the NBA Draft? Congratulations Paul. I wonder if you are going to have another "party" up in the Falls? I actually saw Paul Harris' last "party" that they threw for the fine young man in his home town.. I was driving home after a night out with some old college buddies the when I found myself in the middle of scene from a 50Cent video! As some of you may remember there was a large fight and gun shots at the party held for Mr. Harris prior to him leaving for Syracuse outside of a nightclub in Niagara Falls. This in conjunction with some of his other "off the court issues" (charges of domestic violence etc) make it pretty tough to root for the hometown boy.

With so many great kids and great stories in college basketball how the hell can you root for a kid Paul Harris?


The Bills reportedly do not know what to with Jason Peters. Ill tell you what to do with Jason Peters. Send three of four interns from 1 Bills Drive to that guys house, pack all his crap, give him a bus ticket and send him out of town. That dude is out of his mind!
Hey Jason, the point of being on the offensive line is blocking. Not putting your hands in the air in shock everytime someone gets around you. I dont want to hear about this Pro Bowl garbage either. You were a default pick in a meaningless game. Why don't you do everyone a favor and just go away! The fact that no one around Buffalo is up in arms over the thought of you leaving is a pretty clear indication that the only two people in this entire world who believe you are worth the money you are asking for are you and your agent. Hit the bricks you clown.


Clay in Buffalo

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