Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A Reason For Birth Control-Curtis Byers

If there has ever been a reason for birth control it is this piece of garbage Curtis Byers.

Curtis, we will see what a tough guy you are in prison bud. Hopefully you will spend a long time in jail! My only wish is when you get out you spend the rest of your life unemployed eeking out a meager existence!

You, young man, are a piece of crap!

from the Buffalo News

The Williamsville South High School student who recently was charged with assaulting a classmate and had a past record of armed robbery and arson is in jail after being charged with violating his probation.
Curtis Byers, 17, was arraigned in State Supreme Court at 2 p.m. before Justice M. William Boller and is being held without bail in the Erie County Holding Center. Byers did not appear to have any family, friends or counsel present at his arraignment and said he could not afford a lawyer.
Byers was charged earlier this month with the felony assault of a classmate in March that resulted in multiple face fractures and required reconstructive surgery.
Prior to his transfer to the school this year, Byers had a criminal record in Buffalo that included a violent armed robbery in August 2007 and the June 2007 arson that nearly killed Buffalo Firefighter Mark P. Reed.
Police and fire officials said Byers confessed to both crimes.
Reed lost his right leg in the Wende Street arson after a brick chimney in the vacant home collapsed on him and shattered more than 30 bones in his body.
Byers not only confessed to setting fire to a vacant East Side building on Wende Street, but also to an armed robbery that occurred on nearby Kilhoffer Street two months later. Police said he and another teen robbed a gold necklace from a victim at gunpoint. The victim was shot in the arm.

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  1. This scum bag now has a seven month old baby girl. The gift keeps giving.