Friday, April 10, 2009

Are You Kidding Me Pirates?

So let me get this straight. Here in America we have defeated the Germans, the Japanese, scored a split decision with the Koreans and Vietnamese, and we can not use military force to get a guy off a pirates' dingy? Come on Barack, do what Georgey would have done, find the meanest, toughest, most bad ass marines and send them in there to get the Captain back! Enough is Enough. These guys are in canoes and are shooting at us with armaments that make tanks look relevant!

Quick Hits


The Sabres missed the playoffs again and everyone has a theory as to why. I'll tell you why...If you look at the rosters of teams such as Detroit, San Jose, and even the New York Rangers, they are teams with grown ass MEN. There is no denying the talent on the Sabres. Close your eyes and think back to all those Stanley Cup highlights you have seen (or use to see) on television. You don't remember guys with pretty faux-hawks, and designer lids. You remember guys missing half their faces because they just took a biscuit off their temple. You remember guys with sweat laden hats, looking angry and mean! Think Henrik Zetterberg now think Jason Pominville...Game 7, two-minutes left, your teams up by a goal and you have to kill off the extra attacker. Who would you rather have out there? Zetterberg


Strangely enough "Mr. Met" has a higher approval rating than Collins or Patterson. What a great photo op though. The Governor of a collapsing state, the top executive of a collapsing county, and the mascot of a team who just collapses.
The Bisons are now 0-1. There is no word yet if those two clowns on WGR's afternoon drive show are calling for the coach to be fired.
Paul Hamilton, who does a tremendous job covering the Bills and the Sabres really needs to invest in blue tooth technology. Every day during his interviews he hits the buttons on his cell phone while talking on the air. You would think that someone over at WGR would spring the $50 and get the guy a bluetooth. If someone could also pass a not along to the guy to maybe clear his throat prior to coming on the air that would surely help. The guy is a tremendous sports reporter and really has good things to say. It would just be easier to listen to him if he acted like he actually was on the radio
Clay in Buffalo

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