Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Donte Whitner

The same day that Donte Whitner pled not guility to the charges he faced in Cleveland the Bills rolled out a "Get To Know Donte" feature on their website.

Maybe we should all wait to see if Donte is innoncent or guilty. While he presumed innoncent, if he is guilty, why would we want to get to know someone who may or may not have hit a cop?

What's next? A virtual tour of Orenthals place on Englewood? Come on Bills! How about a get to know Jon Corto feature? You should sell the players parents, kids, and fans alike can look up to!

This is why I love Alexander Ovechkin!

Also, if anyone if the Bills PR Department reads this....It is 2009. Please take down the JP Losman Billboard you have had on 190 since 2006! JP Losman isn't even on the team anymore! My god! How embarassing!

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