Thursday, April 30, 2009

A Rod Has Man Boobs...Confirm'd

So A Rod is a bigger scumbag then anyone could have thought? Who really cares. I have long resigned myself to the fact that the majority of MLB'ers are cheating in some form. Whether it is scuffing the ball, corking the bat, roids, greenies, stealing signs, yelling "ha" during a pop up, etc etc, it is all the same crap.

Major League Baseball, is as American as the consitution. Ironically enough the same problems that have plagued this country in recent years have trickled down (or up) to MLB.

On Wall Street everyone was cheating the system and doing just enough not to get caught. However, when the gig is up the bottom falls out pretty quickly. MLB was once one of the cornerstones of our culture. It was America's past time. Now it is just a joke. A mess of a league filled with more likely a high proportion of cheaters than guys who are playing it by the rules.

Just like in "real life" the damage has already been done. No ammount of appologies, firings, suspensions, bailouts, or new strategies can unring the bell and reverse the damage.

If A(cup) Rod is cheating to get better then what the hell kind of things are happening on the Brewers or in AA/AAA baseball. If Joe Blow on the Louisville Bats (AAA) see's a guy like A Rod's lifestlye you better damn well believe he is popping whatever he can find into his veins to try and get better.

Baseball is a game of feet and inches. Fifteen feet in left field seperate a 50 home run a year guy and shlep rock who hits %.150. Inches seperate and bat speed seperate a number two hitter and a guy who is 40 and playing AA ball in Topeka.

If you had the chance to make millions and millions of dollars and knew there was a way you could bolster your liklihood of getting that money, damn straight you are going to cheat!

The scary thing is the fact that A(cup) Rod was considered to be a guy who was "clean". If a guy who is clean is up to all this crap imagine what the guys who are "dirty" are involved in.

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